Splitsville Already?: Why Edge and Christian Could Break Up Very Soon

Adam HassanContributor IIMarch 13, 2011

Edge and Christian's alignment could end sooner rather than later.
Edge and Christian's alignment could end sooner rather than later.

The glory and grandeur of Wrestlemania is approaching and you could feel the importance of the phenomenon in the air. The recent immense returns of The Rock, Stone Cold and JBL have created a tremendous buzz around the WWE universe. Fans are also remarkably excited for the program featuring the two future hall of famers, Undertaker and Triple H. This year's event seems to be highly anticipated and worthwhile.

The past edition of Smackdown has also left fans speculating of what's to come at Wrestlemania.

The Smackdown Main Event at Wrestlemania currently contains the cocky and brash "Mexican Aristocrat" Alberto Del Rio facing off against the 11-time and current World Heavyweight Champion Edge. The two have developed an entertaining rivalry within the past couple of weeks with the returning Christian as the central focus of the feud.

Christian, who is aligned with Edge, returned to obtain retribution against Alberto Del Rio, the man who took him out six months ago. This historic episode of Smackdown was headlined by the return of the legendary tag team consisting of the exuberant "Captain Charisma" Christian and the intense "Rated R Superstar" Edge as E & C took on Alberto Del Rio and his NXT rookie Brodus Clay.

Edge and Christian picked up the win and re-formed their highly successful alliance. The two seemed to be back and better then ever but it could be time to see Edge vs. Christian instead of Edge and Christian. Christian's initial return occurred at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view where we saw him make an astonishing return which left the crowd awestruck.

After Edge successfully defended his world championship we saw the opportunistic Alberto Del Rio attack Edge and apply his patented arm-bar. Christian made the save for his best friend and gained a form of revenge when he beat down the man who kept him on the shelf for six months. Two weeks later at the official contract signing for the Del Rio and Edge match at the 27th annual Wrestlemania we saw Del Rio attack Edge again and Christian make the save yet again.

Christian's camaraderie and respect towards Edge was truly evident.

The next week on Raw, Christian made his official in-ring return and took on Brodus Clay. After Christian defeated Clay, Alberto Del Rio achieved his own level of revenge when he attacked Christian and applied his arm-bar on Christian's already-injured pectoral muscle. The significance of this segment was the fact that Edge was nowhere to be found during this beat down.

Edge left Christian high and dry while Christian's always been there for his best friend. Edge's lack of admiration towards Christian could serve as the catalyst for "Captain Charisma" turning on Edge.

Another main intention for Christian turning heel is the gold around Edge's waist, the title that has avoided Christian and the title that could solidify Christian's illustrious career.

Christian could play up the jealousy angle and really paint a picture about how unfortunately conflicting their careers have become. The way I envision Christian turning on his partner is at Wrestlemania itself. The referee would be knocked down inadvertently and Alberto Del Rio's rookie would assist Del Rio in beating down the World Champion Edge.

Christian would run down the ramp and onto the ring, too seemingly make the save, but instead he would help Del Rio pick up the victory. The following weeks would be intriguing and listening to the two former partners' verbal exchange would be nothing short of epic. The WWE should not miss an amazing opportunity to build a great feud around two tremendous workers. At Wrestlemania 27 (or slightly afterwards), regardless of whether it is the way I foresee it or not, we could witness a dream feud develop.