Who is Fred Jackson and can he help the Bills win?

Mark VitelloContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

The biggest question right now is "who is Fred Jackson"?  The Bills have been the victims of some of the worst sports coverage over the last few years and thus are still bordering on obscurity.  Never mind the fact that they are one of two teams still 4-0.  Never mind the fact that last year they finished 4-2 in the AFC East and just barely missed out on the playoffs, losing to the eventual Superbowl champions in the last week. 

So, it is no surprise that no one knows who Fred Jackson is.  Here's what we do know:  the Bills signed him to the practice squad two years ago, he's the first D III running back to start an NFL game in 7 years, and when he combined with Marshawn Lynch last year it resulted in the first Bills running back combo to rush for 100 yards each since Thurman Thomas and Darick Holmes did it in '96.  Yea, remember them? 

All said, having two top notch running backs can't possibly hurt the Buffalo Bills.  With a young core of players, it's important to have options.  Not to mention injuries.  With the starting FB out, and Roscoe Parrish sidelined, the Bills will need Jackson's help in the backfield and hope he can contribute as a play maker.  It seems to be working out.

When a team has two running backs it is common to hear the phrase "thunder and lightning".  I'm sure people would say that about Jackson/Lynch, except no one outside of Buffalo has gotten a chance to watch these guys play.  Maybe Sports Center will do a special report on the "two headed monster in Buffalo's Backfield".  I wouldn't hold your breath.  Until they play Cleveland on Monday night in November, the country will still be asking "who is Fred Jackson"?  And the fans will just keep trusting in Dick Jauron, because whatever he's doing it's worked so far.