Kimbo Slice Knocks Ken Shamrock Out with His Left Pinky

Bill KaoContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

I often wonder if I had a chance to fight Mike Tyson in his prime or even at the age of 40, how much money it would take for me to step into the ring with him.  I came to the conclusion $500,000, but the chances of me leaving alive would be slim. 

How much did Elite XC pay Ken Shamrock to fight Kimbo Slice?  I think at this point Shamrock's legacy is finished.  His last fight, a 185 lb. fighter named Kazushi Sakuraba, knocked him out.  In his last five fights before Sakuraba, Shamrock’s record is one win and four losses. Shamrock was knocked out by Tito Ortiz in Ortiz vs. Shamrock 1, 2 and 3; Shamrock beat Kimo Leopoldo in 2004, but was knocked out again by Rich Franklin.

How is Shamrock going to stand up and trade punches with a 270 lb. psycho?  Is this fight a promotional stunt to increase Elite XC's TV ratings?

I found this article on, “In a rather disturbing exercise in morbidity, Harris Interactive polled 1,017 Americans via telephone in 2004 and asked if they’d watch a televised execution.  Two –thirds said they would".  America, here is your televised execution and it's free. 

Good luck Ken.  Hope your lawyers updated your will because it’s going to get ugly quick.