Emily Maynard, NASCAR's Hendrick Sweetheart, Wins Brad Womack Over on Bachelor

Ashley McCubbinAnalyst IMarch 15, 2011

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard
Brad Womack and Emily Maynard

On the season finale of The Bachelor, Emily Maynard received the final rose and is now officially engaged to Brad Womack.

Maynard holds a solid NASCAR connection, as she is the mother to Ricky Hendrick's daughter, Ricki.

She found out she was pregnant five days after the plane crash that killed Ricky and nine other Hendrick Motorsports employees. The couple was engaged to be married after meeting each other in 1999 while vacationing in Key West, Florida. She had moved to Charlotte from Palm Beach in May of 2004 so they could begin living their lives together, and she currently still lives there.

She also has romantic connections with NASCAR's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., as they were dating for part of 2006. 

A lot has been written about Maynard, including a story that ran in the magazine inTouch. The story in the magazine discusses how the engagement to Ricky was fake, according to Cori Kurek, who claims that she was engaged to Ricky from 2002-2003.

“After Ricky died and she found out she was pregnant, Emily wanted to have lunch with me, because she didn’t know him that well,” Kurek told the magazine.

Another source claims that the Hendrick family faked the engagement to avoid the embarrassment of what happened.

Whether or not the story is true, the future for Maynard and Womack doesn't look so bright, either, as on the After The Rose show, they stated that they have had a couple of fights. The fights centered around how Womack acted with other women.

Maynard stated that she wasn't ready to move to Womack's hometown of Austin, Texas, which makes sense, as it'd involve separating Ricki from her close Hendrick ties.

It was also stated that the wedding that had been planned for yesterday was postponed due to Maynard's concerns about how they would be reacting outside of the show.

PopStar.com released an article today stating the couple has broken up; however, pictures were tweeted of them out and about in Womack's hometown while the season finale aired. Though for every appearance a star makes, they get paid, so it may have been just for show and to make the relationship look good on camera.