Oklahoma Fashion No No: Thunder Roll Out Hideous Jerseys

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Clay Bennett's first words at a press conference in July, confirming the Sonics move to Oklahoma were "We made it".

Well, they made it all right—but I can't imagine a worse jersey design to put the exclamation point on the debut of the NBA in Oklahoma City.

Bennett finished stealing the Seattle SuperSonics franchise, and now he's decided to steal from a couple of the other teams in the NBA.

The road jerseys rip off the old Pistons teal jerseys of the nineties, which were just awful. Take away the numbers and word "Thunder" on the home jerseys, and you've got yourself a Warriors jersey. Not to mention, their logo is a bit Warriors-esque, and the Warriors mascot is named Thunder. 

Above all, Bennett probably thought he was sneaky stealing the basic design of one of the oldest NBA franchises—the Knicks. New Yorkers should be appalled. 

I see a hint of Nuggets and Bobcats in these jerseys as well.  You would think that with two years to plan and design a jersey and logo for his team, Bennett would put a little more thought into it.

I think their generic logo looks like a WNBA reject, and seeing Nick Collison, Kevin Durant, and Jeff Green being forced to play dress up in these hideous giddy-ups breaks my now Blazer-loving heart.

The Thunder jerseys could go down in history as the worst jerseys of all time. Karma is a female dog, Mr. Bennett.