Custom Creation: Which Wrestlers Would You Really Be Like?

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIIMarch 20, 2011

"If you were a wrestler, who would you mostly be like?" 

I’ve been asked that exact question many times, and generally, my response has always been the same; Eddie Guerrero. At times, I was a mix of Guerrero and Benoit, but more times than not, I was Latino Heat. After actually doing a wrestling training and match a couple of years ago, as well as diagnosing my athletic and sporting ability, I've realized that I couldn’t be further from the truth.

At one point, one of my close friends said if he was a wrestler, his style would be that of Jeff Hardy, an extremist of sorts. But he’s not a great jumper and barely knows how to do a proper front flip. In actuality, he’s not even good with heights; thus, jumping off a top rope really wouldn’t be his thing. But the guy has excellent balance and is great at using his body as leverage as well as having a really strong core, which gives him the strength to pull people, something along the lines of Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit. But he never realized this until he really thought about his own ability, strengths and weakness. Instead, he just went with his favorite wrestler, something I did as well.

My favorite guys were always Eddie Guerrero and The Rock. However, The Rock is a pretty big guy, and my frame only stands at 5’8", something that I found in common with Eddie Guerrero; thus, I figured I’d be like him.

But I couldn’t be more wrong. While height was the same his frame is huge. He was severely bigger than a natural 5’8" wrestler as well as much stronger, but it was something that allowed him to compete with the heavy weights. In effect, he was a grappler with luchador roots. So when I was asked what type of wrestler would I really be, I had to actually break it down. It went as followed.    

Brawler: Austin, Cena

Luchador: Mysterio, Cara, Del Rio

High flyer: Hardy, Styles, Morrison, Lita

Hardcore/Extreme: RVD, Foley

Technical: Angle, Benoit, Hart, Natalya

Grappler: HHH, Rock, Undertaker, Jericho

Powerhouse: Kane, Sheamus, Phoenix

After looking at it like this (and I do realize that some of these men and women and a lot of others are hybrids and have more than one style, but I'm going with initial style), I could see that I’m a mix of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels more than anything. As a wrestler, I would more than likely use counters as a strong focal point, something that both men can do and do very well.

I was know very much during high school to get those second winds in the final stretch. It's those moments that allow for great moves like Sweet Chin Music and the Codebreaker to be used as counters. In fact, my favorite wrestling move of all time is the Codebreaker, which is one of the best counter moves in my opinion, as it can be executed several ways. I also have more speed and flexibility than strength, and I can jump, but I’m not necessarily a high flyer, so moves like the moonsault (Lionsault) and diving elbow drop would be more my forte. My strength isn’t straight up, but moreso when I use my body to add to it; thus, moves like the Walls of Jericho and Belly to Back Suplex would be something I could do well. 

When this came to mind, I actually realized how much I would like wrestling that way. Despite the fact that I loved Eddie, his style was something I wouldn’t be able to match. Could I or others be trained? Definitely, but in reality, it's best to go with what your body can do and what you're mentally prepared for.

But the question didn't stop there. We also added types of characters into the mix. A lot of times what type of wrestler you are helps your character (Sheamus' powerhouse style makes for a good heel). This in turn led to another breakdown. 


Cocky Heel: (Rock, Jericho, Morrison) 

Powerhouse Heel: (Sheamus, Lesner) 

Technical Heel (By this I mean attitude and not wrestling style): (Miz, Punk, Orton) 


Baby Face: Cena, Mysterio, Edge 

Anti-Hero Face: Austin, Orton, Flair 

Cocky/Confident Face: (The Rock/Jericho) 

Powerhouse Face (Lesner/Batista) 

In terms of character, I’d be a heel straight up. My overall look and attitude, as well as my stature, would suggest not only being a face but and underdog face, but I believe heels make the story and thus make the rivalry, something I'd want to do.

Think about it. A rivalry is nothing without a good heel, and a really good rivalry always has a really good heel. Say what you want about Triple H, but the man made for a good villain and is a great example. The hero vs. the anti-hero (Rock vs Austin or Austin vs. Rock depending on how you looked at it) can make for a solid story and match up, but it’s nothing like the hero vs. the villain.

I’d be a heel because I have that ability to hold a grudge if I want as well as diss a large group of people. I'd also be willing to do whatever to get the win.

Do I do these things in real life? Of course not; I’m a genuinely polite and nice guy. However, I could do those things no problem as an act, because of the fact that I know I could be that way in real life.

Now, in terms of type of heel, I would be a technical one. The guy who plans ahead, who is one step in front of the face and who will use anything or anyone he has to in order to win. Again, this is different from what I would have originally had answered because I always thought I’d be a great cocky heel/face, mostly because my favorite wrestler was The Rock. In general, though, there are probably a few extra types, but those are what seem obvious and are used the most. 

In effect, actually thinking about it can lead you to different answers. Some may come up with the same, but others might actually realize that they were just thinking about their favorite wrestler at the time. Beforehand, I would have never thought myself a combination of Michaels and Jericho (who are similar) or even as a technical heel, but being realistic with my answer allowed me to see that.

Nevertheless, it is fun to think about, because really, who hasn’t thought about being a wrestler at some point? Thus, if you really thought about it, who would you mostly be like?