Aaron Rodgers Is Hurt: I Knew It! But Didn't We All?

Eric MindhamContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Last weekend, Aaron Rodgers got hurt in an ugly loss to the Bucs. He didn't throw in practice Wednesday, but he will play as much as he can against the 2-2 Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

When Brett Favre left, I thought the big concern about Rodgers would be, "Can he start all 16 games?" He got hurt a couple times last year, and he was the backup.

He's going through rehab, but I don't think he will take more than 90 percent of the snaps Sunday. Even if he plays, you would have to think that, with his shoulder hurt, his accuracy won't be on. Plus, he's missing out on a lot of the practice so the timing with his receivers could be off.

Due to this, the Packers will be limited to one dimension on Sunday. The running game hasn't been too good this year. Final score: Packers 23, Falcons 10.

Maybe I'm overreacting because I'm used to watching Brett Favre play through anything that was hurting or just nagging him. Or maybe he's just injury prone like other great athletes (Ken Griffy Jr., Ben Sheets, Charles Woodsons' feet,). 

Maybe he will tell coach not to put him in and then come back the following Sunday and throw for 400 yards (football's Carlos Zambrano).

You hate to call it a must-win in Week Five, but they sure could use one to get back on track with three weeks before the bye. Tell me what you think of how it will affect the Packers this weekend.