Philadelphia Eagles Will Feel the Wrath of the NFL Lockout

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, LA - MARCH 22:  Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid answers questions from the media during the NFL Annual Meetings at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 22, 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite a NFL owners imposed lockout in effect since March 12 the league is conducting it's annual owners meeting in New Orleans. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
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When it comes to which team(s) are likely to get burned the most by a lengthy owner enforced lockout of its players it is hard to determine who will be impacted the greatest. Each of the 32 teams were forced to adjust their draft boards, and will continue to do so at a much higher rate than in previous years due to the uncertainty that has engulfed a hope for a free agency period by the lockout.

However, no team is likely to feel the owners wrath more than the Philadelphia Eagles for a variety of reasons, ranging from backup quarterback Kevin Kolb's trade value and how not having that additional first round pick will hurt the team, right down to why I believe the Eagles brass was one of few organizations in the league who didn't want a lockout to begin with.

Lets begin with the latter part first: why I believe the Eagles executives wanted no part in this mess.

What is the one thing, Eagles fans, that has eluded us for generations, stemming back before my father was an Eagles fan? The almighty Lombardi trophy and a Super Bowl caliber season!

Each person in the front office is very aware of this, and for the first time in a very long time Head Coach Andy Reid has decided to clean house in his coaching staff and brought in a new coaching staff that screams 2011 Super Bowl Champion!

They brought in two new line coaches, offensive line coach Howard Mudd and defensive line coach Jim Washburn, and they are two gentlemen who are among the crème-de-la-crème in the coaching world. Then after weeks of speculation from analysts and experts, and vacationing by Reid, the announcement was made that offensive line coach Juan Castillo was named the new defensive coordinator.


As I said, it screams Super Bowl, and the Philadelphia Eagles put 31 other teams in the league on notice—fear us in 2011. And with those two acquisitions and one jaw-dropping, yet highly deserved promotion, the brass did just that.

I think back to the type of team this Eagles franchise was during the 2004 season when the Birds seemed unstoppable going 13-3 and a TD away from their first ring. That team played with absolute precision, but as good as that team was, I think that with the new coaching staff in place, and the type of season the Eagles had in 2010, the anticipation factor was through the roof at the NovaCare Complex.

But the fact that the Eagles have these tremendous coaches who can't do their job with their young players and coach them is only the tip of the iceberg.

There is also the little situation I like to refer to as the "Kevin Kolb Saga" which has an additional first round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft dangling in front of Andy Reid's face like a carrot. He (Reid) has gone public recently stating the team will listen to offers for Kolb and set the price tag at a first round pick at the very least, but a more realistic asking price was said to be a first and third.

Now it doesn't take a genius to see how if the lockout is extended beyond the draft it hurts Kolb's market value, there is a handful of solid rookies and only a few worthy of being an immediate starter.

According to the ESPN player rankings there are three rookie quarterbacks ranked with a 90 or better, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert (96), Auburn product Cam Newton (94), and Washington pride Jake Locker (91). Beyond those three players ESPN does not feel as though any other QB could be of starting caliber.

Three QB's, and if you look at the draft order as it stands right now, every team within the first ten picks has been linked in one way or the other to needing a quarterback, with the exception of the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys.

There are two positions under fire right now for the Eagles and they are, say it with me, the right side of the offensive line and right cornerback. Not only could the Eagles be out a 2011 first round pick but the lack of said pick lessons the possibilities for the Eagles in the first.

With two picks in the first would the Birds stayed put with their acquired and original picks and get two players to fill both needs on the team, would they combine both to move way up in the first round to land a stud at one of the positions, or would they combine one of the first round picks with a later pick to slide slightly in the first?

Yes there are 31 other teams in the National Football League but none of them is getting screwed nearly as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles!

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