NBA Playoffs Bubble Team Watch: Suns vs. Mavs, Grizz vs. Spurs, Rockets vs. Heat

Avi ScherContributor IIMarch 26, 2011

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix SunsChristian Petersen/Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets are in a chase after the Memphis Grizzles eighth spot in the Western Conference.

On Sunday March 27th, the three teams will have to show the world that they really want and deserve to be in the playoffs.

The New Orleans Hornets are not safe yet, but there win over the Suns yesterday in Phoenix helped them keep the Suns away from them.

Let's take a look at the upcoming games for the three teams.


Memphis Grizzles vs. San Antonio SpursSeason Series: SAS 2-1

The Memphis Grizzles are the most impressive team of the three. They beat the Boston Celtics in Boston and then just fell short in Chicago against the Bulls, a game that went down to the wire, and at the end, the Grizzles missed the last second shot to tie the game, but no doubt they deserve respect.

Memphis will be meeting the Spurs that are missing Tim Duncan, but also the Grizzles are short handed and are missing Rudy Gay.

The two games in San Antonio were very close, the first ended in overtime and the second in the last minute.

The third game that was played in Memphis, the Grizzles took control and Gregg Popovich sat his stars out in the fourth quarter because it was over before it started.

Why us:

Spurs—We're the best team in the league today, and we want to stay that way.

Grizzles—We want to be in the playoffs, and we should be there because we are tough and we can beat any team.

Houston Rockets vs. Miami HeatSeason Series: MIA 1-0

The Rockets have won five games in a row, all at home. But it included beating teams like the Suns and the Boston Celtics.

The Rockets lost to the Heat in Miami in their only meet , but they put up a good fight and the game ended 125-119 with Dwyane Wade finishing with 45 points.

Why us:

Rockets—We won five in a row and we want to prove to all that are not counting us in that we can make it to the playoffs. 

Heat—We are the Heat!!! And we also want to try and pass Boston and Chicago for first place.


Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas MavericksSeason Series: DAL 2-0

The Suns and the Mavs will be meeting one more time after this game. The Mavs beat the Suns, both at home and on the road, and have been showing that they are one of the top teams in the league today.

In the first game, Steve Nash got injured in the first few minutes and didn't come back which gave the Mav's an easy victory, 106-91.

The second game was much closer than the first, Nash had 15 points and 14 assists, but at the end, Dirk Nowitzki had an amazing game scoring 35 points on 13-of-18 shooting.

Mickael Pietrus is out with an injury and Marcin Gortat broke his nose on Steve Nash's head in the loss to the New Orleans Hornets last night.

The Suns will need Gortat at his best if they want to make a run.

Why us:

Mavericks—We want to pass the Lakers so we can have homecourt if we meet.

Suns—Nash loves to play against Dallas. The team wants Nash to be in the playoffs!