Baseball Blips March 31 2011: Opening Day Early Games, Teixeira, Heyward, Reds.

Louis PisanoAnalyst IMarch 31, 2011

Granderson on fire!
Granderson on fire!Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Some quick hits about the games of the day.

Odd start to season on a Thursday, New York COLD, Washington COLD, Cincinnati COLD and only six games on the docket for opening day, weird!


Tigers 3 at Yankees 6

In the bottom of third inning Russell Martin singles, Derek Jeter walks and then Mark Teixeira smashes a three run shot to right field on a 1-1 four seem 95 mph fastball from Justin Verlander. Teixeira has a battling cage at his house and did a fair bit of work in it and he’s healthy this year while looking to get off to hot start, which he seemingly has.

Yankees Gold glover Robinson Cano who only had three errors last season picks one up the top of the fifth and struck out twice.

Tigers Brandon Inge is starting off the year strong with a RBI single and a double off CC Sabathia.

Tigers SP Verlander was throwing heat to start the season averaging above 95 mph on his fastball. He averaged the highest speed on his fastball throughout the season last year.

Tiger SP Verlander pitching line IP 6 H 3 R 3 ER 3 BB 4 SO 8 ERA 4.50

Yankees SP Sabathia pitching line IP 6 H 6 R 3 ER 2 BB 2 SO 7 ERA 3.00

Yankees centre fielder Curtis Granderson is, no surprise, covering a lot of ground on defense while snagging a few line drives and fly balls that others, not as fleet of foot, may not have gotten to, including a beauty in the ninth to rob Inge of extra bases. In the bottom of the seventh Granderson led off with a solo shot to the second deck in right field off ex-Yankee pitcher Phil Coke on a 2-0, 90 mph four seam fastball.

Really nice field microphone during the Yankees coverage of the game. The sound of the ball hitting the glove on Verlander’s fastball is a solid POP.

Yankees bullpen looks deadly from seventh inning on with Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano and closer Mariano Rivera. Teams will have to get to their starters early, Yanks could be a lot tougher than expected by some.


Braves 2 at Nationals 0

With all the offense the Nationals have in the line up, they couldn’t put up a single run on opening day as they had five hits and gave up only five hits.

Braves Right fielder Jason Heyward hit a solo homer in the second inning on a two-one curveball.

Braves SP Derek Lowe IP 5.2 H 3 R 0 ER 0 BB 2 SO 6 ERA 0.00

Nationals SP Livan Hernandez IP 6.1 H 4 R 2 ER 2 BB 0 SO 2 ERA 2.84

Brewers 6 at Reds 7

Not sure, but Prince Fielder looks like he put on a few pounds (I’m being nice) over the winter and not the muscular ones!

Brewers Rickie Weeks is getting off to a hot start while on the seventh pitch of the first at bat of the season, he smacked a lead off homer to left centre on a 2-2 four seam 95 mph fastball. Followed up with and a second he doubled on a 1-0, 82 mph change up chalking his second RBI of the game.

Reds Drew Stubbs homered to right in the fourth with two away on a 1-1, 93 mph four seam fastball giving him two runs and a RBI.

Brewers Ryan Braun homers to center field on a 0-1, 94 mph four seam fastball in the fifth.

Reds Joey Votto homers to right in the bottom of the seventh on an 0-1, 78 mph slider.

Reds Ramon Hernandez was on fire going 4-5 which included some late inning heroics...

John Axford who was great last year comes in, in the ninth to shut it down for the Brewers. Reds load the bases with no outs, down 6-3, Jay Bruce struck out, Jonny Gomes RBI Sack fly (6-4), and Ramon Hernandez SMACKS A three-run opposite field two out shot to boost the Reds to the WIN! Unbelievable WIN!

Brewers SP Yovani Gallardo IP 6.0 H 7 R 2 ER 2 BB 3 SO 4 ERA 3.00

Red SP Edinson Volquez IP 6.0 H 7 R 5 ER 5 BB 2 SO 5 ERA 7.50

Enjoys the rest of the games on opening day!