WrestleMania 27 Predictions: Who Should Win on Sunday and Why

John Reid@JohnReidIVCorrespondent IIIApril 1, 2011

We're headed into the home stretch, as we're only two days away from Wrestlemania 27 in my beloved hometown of Atlanta! Not only am I excited for the fact that the city will finally see someone other than the 1995 Atlanta Braves winning a championship, but more importantly, it's the return of the Brahma Bull, Great One, People's champ The Rock!  So much is at stake this year, as we see the cumulation of epic feuds such as Cena vs. the Miz, Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, Undertaker vs. HHH and CM Punk vs. Randy Orton.

As with all things in wrestling, it's not only about who wins the PPV, but for the future of any promotion going forward once the lights have gone out on Sunday.   Join us as we're going to take a look at our official Wrestlemaina preview and predict not only who is going to win but why they should leave the Georgia Dome victorious, and here we go......


The Corre vs. Kane/Big Show/Santino/Vladmir Koslov

Who Should Win and Why:  The Corre has established themselves as one of the few factions that have survived the typical WWE treatment of groups that only have a short life span (Note: We pause to have a moment of silence for the Straight Edge Society and the "New" Nexus).  Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have proven to be the promotion's only successful tag team by holding on to the straps, and Wade Barrett finally tasted WWE gold when he defeated Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental title last week on Smackdown. 

Despite the huge size of former tag team champs Kane and Big Show, if the WWE is serious about the Corre finally becoming a threat, then they need to get the pinfall.  Barrett needs to be the one to get the pin, as he just won the title and needs to be kept strong in the event they need to thrust him back into the World title picture later in the year.  I think the newly crowned IC champ will make that title seem important again, and Sunday will be a good start not only for him but for the Corre as well.


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Who Should Win and Why:  Former WWE Champion Sheamus regained gold recently by winning the United States title over Bryan, and this is the rematch.  Last time, they didn't get a lot of time considering it was on Raw, but I expect them to go all out on Sunday.

This could go either way, but it may be way too soon to have Bryan get the belt back.  Much like Barrett, Sheamus needs to give this belt credibility, as Bryan didn't have any meaningful feuds until Sheamus came for the title.  I think this will be a great match, but Sheamus will win and have a strong reign going into the Spring.


Dolph Ziggler/LayCool and Vickie Guerrero vs. Snooki, Trish Stratus, and John Morrison

Who Should Win and Why: Aside from being the obvious bathroom break for the show, this is more of the typical Wrestlemania celebrity filler match.  Although Trish Stratus is one of the trainers in the returning "Tough Enough" series, I don't think that she will be returning to wrestling full time to put a dent in the Diva division.

That said, I think that the faces will get the win sorely because of the celebrity involvement (even though I'm sure many people would love to see Snooki get knocked out).  It's a shame to see two talented stars like Ziggler and Morrison degraded to a match like this, but their feud can and should continue well into the next few months as they build themselves back into the upper midcard.


Michael Cole (w/Jack Swagger) vs. Jerry Lawler (Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee)

Who Should Win and Why: Believe it or not, this is one of the more anticipating matches on the card.  Props to Cole for bringing a lot of emotion into what could've been a disaster of a feud, and having Austin as the referee will make things a bit more interesting.

Lawler has never had a Wrestlemania moment before now, and with all of the abuse and the "no touching" rule he has had on Cole, it's only fitting that he beats Michael Cole within an inch of his life on Sunday, no doubt to the cheers of the IWC and the Georgia Dome crowd.  He needs to win so that he can finally put this (and Cole's douchebaggery) to rest.  Expect a few Stunners followed by Steveweisers in celebration at the end.  Who knows? This might even have Austin take on Swagger later on down the line.


CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Who Should Win and Why: The Viper systematically shut down the "New" Nexus before they even made their mark on the WWE Universe, and now, only the "Straightedge Savior" stands in his way.  This has been one of the better built feuds, and props to the WWE for adding continuity from Unforgiven 2008.  

This may sound a bit controversial, but I think Punk needs to win this match.  I know Orton usually has a knack for coming out on top, and I believe he will eventually, but to have Punk lose now after having all of his crew punted back to FCW will hurt his push since coming over to Raw. Orton is on Mount Perpetually Over, and he can withstand a loss at this juncture, even if it's Wrestlemania.  If Punk loses, there's no reason to continue the feud.  If Punk wins, it forces Orton to seek revenge at Extreme Rules, and it adds another World Title contender into the mix.


HHH vs. Undertaker

Who Should Win and Why: It was rumored that this match was going to main event the show, in which I was expecting a HHH win amidst a controversial finish.  Now that it's been changed (or so we think), I believe that the WWE is going to go in the usual WM fashion and have the Deadman walk out with the victory, while walking out with the cool Johnny Cash song.

It only makes sense, as there is no reason to have the streak end now.  No one else has it, and to lose on Sunday would all but damage the UT mystique.  HHH can survive this win, and who knows, this may even turn him heel again, and a heel HHH (even on a limited schedule) makes for entertaining television. I expect these two to go at it again at Extreme Rules in May.


Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Who Should Win and Why: Edge has been the standard bearer on Smackdown, winning the World Championship and defending it both as a face or heel.  He's going up against the fastest rising star in the WWE in Del Rio.  The WWE has done a great job of building this feud since the Royal Rumble and is one of the most anticipated matches on the card.

The WWE needs to take a risk here and put the title on Del Rio.  Should Edge win, the title scene gets very stale.  However, should the Essence of Excellece win the belt, it can change the direction of the WWE for months to come. Edge will obviously be going back for his title, but now you have to insert Christian into the feud since he beat Del Rio twice. What about the Undertaker? Big Show? Kane? Also, you know that Rey Mysterio will want to get back at the man who made his mark in the WWE by beating the masked superstar.

Del Rio may be a newcomer to the WWE Universe, but he is destined to walk out with the gold on Sunday, and the WWE should go that route.


Cena vs. the Miz

Who Should Win and Why: We all know that this match will be more about the long running feud between Cena and the Rock than it will be about the WWE Champion, who has been treated as an afterthought since the Rock was inserted with his return promo.  That was bound to happen in the eyes of the fans, and even moreso since the Miz looked weak on the go-home show last Monday.

Now with the Miz gaining a lot of mainstream attention, it might be best to have the WWE's most entertaining heel keep the championship, but somehow, I doubt the WWE wants to have a heel close the show with boos not heard since HHH walked out with the belt in WM 2000. The Miz should win, however, and have Cena chase for a while longer, especially if the Rock interferes, which I'm sure will be the case.

We will have a follow up article on Monday after Wrestlemania.  Also, if you'd like to join us for our Wrestlemania preview show, join us at 6 p.m. on "The Dungeon" at 347-857-4627 and give us your predictions for the biggest show of the year!