TNA: Dixie Out, Eric Bischoff in—Why This Scenario Would Be Bad News for TNA

Quinn GammonCorrespondent IApril 23, 2011

With the rumor mill ablaze today that Dixie Carter is allegedly stepping down as President of TNA Wrestling, the first question popping up all over the forums and dirtsheets has been a simple one: Who on earth could replace her?

The writing is all over the wall and the answer is pretty apparent. 


Eric Bischoff

Being the former President of WCW definitely doesn't hurt his chances at a takeover. 

Please keep in mind that Carter's resignation as president is only a rumor at this point and as likely as it seems with the inane amount of lawsuits she's managed to attract, we would be less than likely to hear anything until after a suitable replacement is found.

All signs seem to point to Bischoff, who has apparently amassed a good deal of influence backstage since joining TNA Wrestling in January of 2010.

Though Bischoff was quick to point out at first that he had no real political power behind the curtain, that appears to have changed quite a bit in the year and change that he's been employed by the wrestling promotion.

Just the idea of Bischoff taking the reigns of the company has a lot of TNA fans salivating, as Dixie Carter has slowly lost a majority of support from even the most diehard TNA followers.

Bischoff's track record of successfully leading World Championship Wrestling, most notably during the 83-week ratings win streak against Vince McMahon's then-WWF during the "Monday Night Wars," makes him arguably the most premier candidate to succeed Carter as president of the company. 

Now that I'm done being formal, it's time for me to pop the fanboy bubbles surrounding this mess. 

Dixie Carter's resignation and succession by Eric Bischoff is akin to taking a safety-less lighter from a three year old and handing it to a pyromaniac. 

The number of TNA fans that jump all over every little thing just astounds me. 

It wasn't too long ago that I vowed to stop writing about TNA and to start focusing on the other spectrums of the wrestling world—namely my brand-loyalty to the ever stagnant, orphan-acronymed WWE and the Indy promotion that really has my eye, DragonGate USA. 

And in the meantime, while these articles are in the works, I have to keep dropping what I'm doing and write about TNA again. 


Because every time I turn around, they seem to crumble worse and worse.

The TNA apologists out there (y'all know who you are by now) would likely tell me that I'm doing TNA a favor by writing about them so much. 

That's the "any publicity is good publicity" mentality and I will be the first person to play heel and call BS on that. 

You people think I'm bad? 

Whereas I would use words like illogical, poorly maintained and ridiculously short-sighted to describe Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, the most newsworthy words being tossed around in relation to TNA aren't quite as sugarcoated—shady, seedy, underhanded, sexist.

And those are just the noteworthy ones. 

With Daffney's Worker's Comp lawsuit in full effect—and she sounds like she's winning God bless her—along with numerous other suits being filed in addition to an alleged sexual harassment suit, the rumblings all seem to point to Dixie Carter's trust-fund baby reign as the President of TNA coming to a close.

To bring us back to the topic at hand, the popular opinion within the members of the IWC that I've screened thus far appears to be that Eric Bischoff would make an infinitely better figurehead than Dixie Carter ever was.

Now to pop some fanboy bubbles.

Here's my raging problem with this misconception—what in the bluest of all blue hells makes anyone think that Eric Bischoff is a solution?

He's not a solution, he's a problem. 

If you don't believe me, just read the numbers. The statistics don't lie. Bischoff and Hogan joined TNA in January of 2010. 

2010 also happened to be arguably the most dismal year in company history or darn close to it. 

Look no further than one of the more humorous explanations regarding TNA's 2010—that they purposely failed everything on purpose as an experiment. 

That is probably the most asinine statement I've ever heard but that's completely besides the point. 

Bischoff and Hogan and their "non-influence" amongst the backstage workings, which quickly grew to prominent influence to no one's surprise, certainly didn't bring TNA and its followers the success they've been dreaming of. 

2010 saw TNA accomplish but not limit themselves to:

  1. A myriad of continued 1.0 spectrum ratings that Hogan swore up and down to correct.
  2. A late made decision to start taking iMPACT  on the road "occasionally."
  3. A slew of mediocre PPVs and a poorly executed storyline infamously dubbed as "they" that failed to meet any and all expectations.
  4. A celebrity cross over appearance using a D-List star from a popular reality TV show that no one really cared about seeing.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Given Hogan and Bischoff's less than stellar results generated by "limited backstage influence," I suppose the logical answer to TNA's problems would be to give Bischoff more power!

Anyone who thinks that Eric Bischoff is a solution to TNA's woes is just lying to themselves, hoping to find a light at the end of a long and rocky tunnel permeated with the foul stench of fail sweat.

Can anyone tell me what makes Eric Bischoff such a "creative genius?"

Was it the nWo storyline that was almost exclusively responsible for WCW's slew of victories over the World Wrestling Federation? The same storyline that Bischoff ripped almost identically from a Japanese wrestling promotion?

Was it the rise of Bill Goldberg, the very rare combination of size, strength and proper hype? The same Bill Goldberg whose unprecedented 173-0 winning streak was completely disenfranchised by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at Starrcade with a flippin' cattle prod?

Take away those two things and tell me one thing that Eric Bischoff did that makes him a creative genius. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Eric Bischoff is perhaps the greatest con man in the history of professional wrestling and it speaks volumes that all these years later, some fans are still sheepish enough to believe in him as a savior of some kind. 

Now that we've established the fact that Bischoff is not worth even a fraction of the hype he receives, let's look at some of the things that Easy E wouldn't have in his second stint as a company president:


1. Ted Turner's money

Perhaps the most telling of all resources that Bischoff would not have to work with this time around is Ted Turner's vast checkbook.

Eric was well known behind the curtain in WCW for throwing money at problems, hoping they would go away. It was this kind of attitude, and subsequent failure to clean up all the messes he created, that would lead to ATM Eric's removal from his position. 

The argument that he could tap into Bob Carter's deep pockets within the confines of Panda Energy can be disputed simply by pointing out the fact that not even baby Dixie herself was able to do that. 


2. Monday night prime time television

TNA fans watched with baited breath last year as TNA attempted the move to Monday nights for a possible second coming of the prime time "Monday Night Wars" with WWE. 

And with their fingers crossed, these same TNA fans watched as the second coming of the "Monday Night Wars" ended in bitter defeat. In short order, TNA was thoroughly outclassed in every way possible, largely due to their rather rash jump into combat. 

The part that leaves the most bitter taste in the mouths of TNA's staunchest supporters is the fact that WWE never acknowledged the promotion or their move to Monday nights in any way, and still didn't even seem break a sweat. 


3. Paying customers

Despite giving away free tickets near the end of their existence, WCW had yet another thing that TNA doesn't have — Paying customers.

While WCW in its stronger days was selling out arenas with paying customers on the road, TNA has spent the overwhelming majority of their existence at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Paid admission into the theme parks in Orlando means that every single TNA show taped in the iMPACT Zone garners nothing, goose egg, nada in ticket sales. 

Given TNA's unprofitable dwelling in Orlando, combined with their less than stellar PPV buys, and its safe to assume that the company is still spending more than they're earning to produce their shows.

Without Panda Energy's safety net, the company would have likely folded before it ever got off the ground in 2002.

4. An appropriate network to produce weekly television on

While WCW was broadcast on a major prime time television network in TNT, TNA's weekly television deal is with the lackluster Spike TV. 

Spike TV possess neither the viewers nor the resources to provide for TNA the way Ted Turner's network provided for WCW.

Add to this the fact that the network not only alienates females by being "The Man Channel" but also carries the dubious distinction of being the network that WWE chose to snub by moving Monday Night RAW back to it's original and more successful home on USA Network and Easy E finds himself swimming up the creek without any paddle to speak of.

After absorbing all of this, I'll still be professional enough to remind all of you that this is purely coming from the rumor mill.

And I'll also be realistic enough to pop all the fanboy misconceptions that Eric Bischoff is the answer to Dixie Carter's rumored resignation.

Did I mention that Vince Russo is still employed...?

Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comments section below and follow me on Twitter @Sir_Quinn. 


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