Kimbo Slice Gets Knocked Out

Rear NakedSenior Analyst IOctober 4, 2008

The clock has struck midnight for Kimbo Slice. Tonight a journeyman fighter named Seth Petruzelli, who took the fight with Slice less than three hours prior, won the biggest fight of his life. Kimbo Slice got caught with a quick right hand that dropped him. Petruzelli did not let up. He got on top of the fallen Slice and pounded him with a series of punches until the referee stepped in and stopped it.

Kimbo Slice is no longer undefeated and EliteXC's golden boy has lost his luster. The obvious question is what is next for Kimbo and the MMA promotion. I have said before that EliteXC would be better off using Kimbo as a lead-in for their main events, instead of as the headliner. MMA fighters lose fights. They all do. You cannot sell a fighter to fans as unbeatable and that is just what EliteXC did with Kimbo.

Now they must shift their focus from Kimbo and build up the rest of their fighters. The public's love affair with Kimbo is not over. He is an intriguing personality and he will still garner large audiences whenever he fights. I hope for his future as a fighter, EliteXC takes this opportunity to lower his profile and give him a real chance to evolve into a legitimate title contender.