Rocky is Here! Seth Petruzzelli KO's Kimbo; Elite XC Heat results

Derek BedellAnalyst IOctober 4, 2008

Elite XC Heat began its night with a huge letdown.  Ken Shamrock, who was scheduled to fight Internet sensation Kimbo Slice in the main event, was not granted medical clearance to fight.  Shamrock suffered a cut below his eyebrow going through drills earlier in the day that required stitches.  Millions of fans would be disappointed right away as the fight most tuned in to see was not going to happen.

Kimbo would still be the main event, just not against Ken Shamrock.  Former Ultimate Fighter 2 semi-finalist, Seth Petruzzelli would be penciled in as Slice’s opponent and get the beating or opportunity of a lifetime.

The only thing enjoyable about this news was listening to Ken’s brother Frank say, “What is he doing getting cut this close to the fight, disappointing to the Shamrock family, and putting our legacy in jeopardy.”  Harsh, but true, words from Frank Shamrock.  These two should just fight already.

Murilo “Ninja” Rua Vs. Benji “The Razor”Radach

It was announced that these two were, most likely, fighting for a #1 contender spot at Robbie Lawler’s middleweight title.  The two are both former champions in their respective organizations and want the chance to reclaim gold.

The fight starts out with Radach landing a left hook and right uppercut that stun Rua.  It looked to be over early as Benji was picking his opponent apart. “Ninja” persevered and  both fighters landed shots that stunned each other. 

They both go to the ground as Rua tries for heel hooks and other submissions to no avail. The round ends after the anticipation of a potential 1st round stoppage.

Round 2

Round 2 begins with Rua looking to be the aggressor as he lands some solid knees to the midsection.  “Ninja” goes for a knee against the cage ands slips.  Once on the ground, Radach delivers an overhand right from the top that makes Rua’s head bounce of the canvas.  A few more punches and he is out cold as the ref jumps in. 

Murilo stayed down for a while before eventually getting up to the seat to be checked out by the doctor.  Radach’s standup is impressive.

Winner:  Benji Radach, 2nd Rd KO

Gina Carano Vs. Kelly Kobold

The women’s face of MMA was looking gorgeous as always. Kobold claimed she “wanted to break something beautiful.”

Round 1

Gina picks her apart with punches as Kobold tries to hold Carano against the cage looking for a takedown.  Punches are coming at Kobold from every angle as she kept ducking her head, trying to tie up with Carano.  Towards the end of the 1st, Gina landed a punch that split Kelly open and blood was dripping onto the canvas as the round ended.

Round 2

More of the same.  Kobold ties Carano up against the cage for most of the round.  When Gina got free, Kelly got hit.  When in the clinch Kelly ate some knees.  Kobold actually did score a takedown with 15 seconds left in the round but didn’t have time to do any damage.

Round 3

The exact same.  Towards the end Gina secures a standing rear naked choke that almost submits Kobold.  Once the hold is broken, Gina unleashes a barage of strikes to end the round.  As the final seconds wane down, Carano lands three consecutive kicks to end the contest in impression fashion.

Winner:  Gina Carano, Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

After the fight, they spoke with Gina about a match-up with Cris Cyborg who won earlier tonight.  The seeds seem to be planted for this feminine war which may be the next contest for both undefeated fighters.

Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski Vs. Roy “Big Country” Nelson

The only thing big about Roy Nelson is his gut.  It’s huge! 

Round 1

A few shots thrown by Arlovski led to Nelson pressing up against the cage and eventually the two fall to the ground with Roy ending up on top.  Nelson just lays his snobbish frame against Andrei attempting Kimura’s and holding position until Andrei gets back up. 

A very boring round,  nothing exciting here.  Oh, Nelson’s gut is enormous.  I was waiting for Kuato to come out of it like the movie Total Recall and yell out, “Quaid, open your mind.”

In between rounds they teased a Tito Ortiz signing for Elite XC.  It would be big news and definitely good for the fans.  I hope they get this one done.

Round 2

Nelson connects with a left hook and shoots on Arlovski. Once they break, Andrei throws a murderous inside leg kick that buckles Roy.  Afterwards, an uppercut followed by an overhand right knock Nelson down and out!

Winner: Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski, 2nd rd KO

Elite XC Welterweight Title:  Jake Shields Vs. Paul Daley

Round 1

Daley comes out technically precise and quick!  This guy’s stand-up is surely better than Jake’s.  Paul comes out stuffing takedowns and using his speed.

Eventually, Shields takes him down and he has no answer for the ground game.  Daley can’t get Shields off of him; regardless no serious damage was really being done.  At the end of the round, Paul sweeps an armbar attemopt and reigns down some big elbows to end the first.

Round 2

Same as the 1st, Shields got the takedown and Daley had no answer.  Jake maneuvered for an armbar and secured it forcing the game Brit to tap out.

Winner and still champion:  Jake Shields, 2nd RD Submission

Main Event:  Kimbo Slice Vs. (SUB) Seth Petruzzelli

Kimbo outweighs Seth by 30 plus pounds.  Petruzzelli waves to the crowd with a grin due to the fact that not many are familiar with him.  Everyone expected Kimbo to feast on this guy.

Round 1

Kimbo rushes up towards Seth as he backs up and tries a foot jab.  Petruzzelli, on one leg, hit’s a short hook that stuns and drops Kimbo!  Seth pounces on him and throws multiple punches and the ref stops the fight!

Winner:  Seth Petruzzelli, 1st rd  KO in 14 seconds!

The announcers scream out, “Rocky...Rocky is here!”  Everyone is shocked, even Seth.  He runs around in circles not knowing what to do as he is ridden with excitement.

Hats off to Seth, he did the unthinkable.  He is the one that exposed Kimbo Slice, not Ken Shamrock.  What a shocker!

As Elite XC officials were cursing up and down as their marketing machine was given a right hand of reality, Seth Petruzzelli is now living a dream.  I’m sure people will know who he is now.  Especially since most will consider this one of the most incredible victories in MMA history.  At least the broadcasters think so.

Kimbo thanked Seth for fighting him on short notice and said it’s, “All good, we’ll still be at the after party.”

Be that as it may, I’m sure it won’t be as good as the after party for Seth Petruzzelli.  The “Silverback” will now be the Rocky Balboa of MMA.  Is he the underdog who came through or simply a fighter who has been doing this since he was a kid that used his skills? 

I would love to see Dana White’s face as this went down.  One of his former lackluster fighters took out the MMA phenom who obviously didn’t deserve the hype.

One fact remains, anyone can get caught!  Another reason to love MMA!