Pro Wrestling's Forgotten Feuds: The Undertaker vs. Nailz

JackmanContributor IApril 3, 2011

For my debut article on Bleacher Report, I decided to go with something different, and hopefully some people will know what I am talking about.

The Undertaker has wrestled countless wrestlers over his career and has been embroiled in many feuds. Yet, one feud that never became was against the ex-convict Nailz.

Nailz, credited with ending the in-ring career of Sgt. Slaughter, appeared at Summerslam and Survivor Series in 1992, and achieved a win and a loss respectively.

It started with a stare down, and ended with a stare down.

It would have been an interesting feud, and I think it would have ended with Nailz in a casket with his prison number on.

The Undertaker would have probably dominated in all his matches, then destroy Nailz. Nailz didn’t really stand a chance against the Deadman, but things may have been different if we had seen it on TV.

In January of 1993, WWF Magazine also featured a picture of the two on the front page, so it seemed as though the feud was going to be big. The magazine hyped Nailz, by showing "injuries" that Nailz inflicted on Big Boss Man.

The Undertaker and Nailz faced each other a few times during house shows, but it never transgressed onto TV.

Nailz may not have been the most gifted wrestler—he was far from it—but the character was interesting, and had just finished a good feud with Big Boss Man. He was seemingly heading towards high-calibre matches with the soon-to-be legend.

The so-called "Gravest Challenge" never saw the light of day, and The Undertaker continued his successful run in the company. Nailz disappeared from TV, and has since not done anything in the sport of great note.

It could have seen Nailz receive a big push, and maybe even a title shot. But it never happened. However, Nailz was fired within months, and the Undertaker never faced Nailz on TV. The Undertaker went on and the feud was never mentioned.

So Bleachers, how do you think it would have played out? Would Nailz have stood a chance against The Undertaker? Did the feud even matter?