Sexier Than the Male: Some Formula One WAGS

Duncan ScottAnalyst IJune 18, 2011

Sexier Than the Male: Some Formula One WAGS

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    OK, here's the idea. This is a fun photo quiz—you remember what fun is, right?

    You don't have to play along, of course, you can just treat this as an educational experience.

    Each slide will show a photo of a lady. You see the lady then associate her with a well-known F1 figure.

    Example: You look at the lady shown in this slide, identify her as stunning model and actress Yu Abiru, and of course you know she's a very special friend of F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi, who often doesn't seem to have his mind on his driving.

    What could be easier?

    For each of the 10 following slides, you score one point for knowing the name of the lady and another for naming her Formula One gentleman.

    When we reach the end you can check your answers.

    So izzy-wizzy, let's get busy.

Phew, What a Scorcher

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    Anyone for Tennis?
    Anyone for Tennis?

    This is even easier than the first slide, and I gave you the answers to that.

    Quite honestly, if you don't recognise this young lady and can't instantly say which famous F1 name she gives her companionship to, then you probably haven't been paying much attention to the sport.

Pretty in Pink

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    When kitted out for the F1 paddock, this girl looks awfully similar to some other F1 WAGS.

Blond, Sunglasses: It's the F1 Babe Look

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    This is honestly not the same girl that was in the previous slide.

Fully Equipped

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    Blond hair? Check.

    Sunglasses? Check.

    Paddock pass on ribbon and around neck? Check.

    This girl is also fully equipped for the glamorous world of F1.

The Sea, the Sea

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    This photo was  not taken in Scotland
    This photo was not taken in Scotland

    What do you mean, "That could be anyone?" Not on any beach in my area—she'd freeze to death.

No, It's Not Posh Spice

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    How many times have you seen this cool lady? She's often seen at F1 races, so there are no excuses for getting this one wrong.

    Come on now—I hope you're not falling behind.

The Sensible One

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    Sensible hair, sensible dress, sensible shoes, sensible bag with packed lunch and flask of tea.

    Not all the F1 girls are just eye-candy.

Homely Comfort

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    Here we see the lady of a highly-rated driver.

    Really, I think the pallid arm in the white T-shirt is a giveaway, for the guy is not known as a beach bum.

A Multi-Millionairess

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    A Serious Headwear Error
    A Serious Headwear Error

    What are we looking at here? Definitely not a deranged girl scout dressed by the Salvation Army.

Bringing Up the Rear

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    And now we're at the tail end of this slideshow.

    How are you doing? Find out on the next slide.

And Finally

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    I started with Yu Abiru, and who's complaining? Here she is again, this time with her F1-driver boyfriend Kamui Kobayashi. While she may be a vision, few could dispute that he appears as unsavoury as a box of frogs.

    Snap out of it, Yu.

    And now: the quiz results for those who have been diligently scoring themselves. Here in slide order are the identities of the other ladies and their F1 partners:

    Jessica Michibata, girlfriend of driver Jenson Button

    Isabell Reis, girlfriend of driver Timo Glock

    Hannah Prater, girlfriend of driver Sebastian Vettel

    Vivian Sibold, girlfriend of driver Nico Rosberg

    Nicole Sherzinger, girlfriend of driver Lewis Hamilton

    Raquel del Rosario, girlfriend of driver Fernando Alonso

    Patricia Papen, fiancée of driver Nick Heidfeld

    Edyta Witas, fiancée of driver Robert Kubica

    Corrina Betsch, Mrs. Michael Schumacher since 1995.

    I cheated with an old photo of Elisabetta Gregoraci, wife of former Benneton and Renault F1 boss Flavio Briatore. No way could I leave her out of an F1 slideshow.

    How did you score?

    0 to 5 means you're a well-balanced person.

    6 to 10 means you've been spending a little too much time on the Internet.

    11 to 15 means you should definitely try to get out more.

    16 to 20 means you are a cheat or a very disturbed obsessive. Great political success awaits you.