WrestleMania 27 Results: The Undertaker Is 19-0, Beats Triple H in Epic Match

Luis HerreraAnalyst IApril 3, 2011

The Undertaker and Triple H still have it.

It had been a so-so WrestleMania so far, with a couple of good matches but a bittersweet taste overall.

I had already read a couple “Worst WrestleMania ever!” posts in the web. I don’t think I’ll see more.

Taker and HHH had an epic battle, full of big spots, insane bumps and dramatic moments.

Only one minute into the match, the Deadman was ready to destroy the Spanish announcer table, but instead the King of Kings slammed him into the Cole Mine.

Then they threatened taking down the English table with a Pedigree, but Triple H ended being sent to the floor. Undertaker followed with a headfirst dove over the top rope.

The match went back and forth until a table finally got smashed when HHH suplexed Taker off the ring steps.

Undertaker bounced back and chokeslammed Triple H, who responded with a Pedigree and a two-count.

The Deadman followed with a Last Ride and a Tombstone Piledriver for two very close two-counts and after that HHH DDT’ed Taker on a steel chair and applied another Pedigree. One more two-count, followed by another Pedigree and another two-count.

Triple H took the full control of the match, hitting Taker many times with the chair, including a clean headshot.

Undertaker seemed finished. Remembering WM 26, this time it was Triple H who yelled “stay down!” to his opponent.

It looked like it was the end of the streak. Triple H hit a Tombstone Piledriver on Taker, but it wasn’t enough to get the three-count.

Triple H went for his sledgehammer, ready to destroy Undertaker for good, but he got caught in the Hell’s Gate submission hold.

After two minutes of resistance, Triple H finally tapped out.

Taker lied down on the ring for several minutes, barely managing to struggle his way out of the ring.

Once Taker was outside the ring he immediately collapsed again. He had to be taken out in a medical cart. The next we saw was the “Don't Try This At Home” promo.

It was a fantastic match, hands down the best of the night.

And, oh yes, in the bathroom break, Snooki pinned Michelle McCool.

Trish Stratus made almost all the work against LayCool, while John Morrison and Dolph Zigger barely got involved.

Snooki just intervened a few seconds, enough to show her gymnastics abilities and get the pin.


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