The Rock vs John Cena: How WWE Guaranteed 1 Million PPV Buys for Wrestlemania 28

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IApril 4, 2011

We are only 24 hours removed from Wrestlemania 27 and already, we have the main event booked for Wrestlemania 28. The dream match that many of us have been waiting years for is finally going to happen: The Current Face of the WWE, John Cena will face off against The People's Champion, the Rock!

On February 14, 2011, the Rock returned to the WWE, when it was announced that he would be the guest host of Wrestlemania 27. During his return promo, the Rock graced us with his signature catchphrases, a heartfelt speech, and the biggest tease in wrestling history: calling out John Cena.

For weeks, we watched as John Cena and the Rock competed in a war of words, all the while forgetting about the current WWE Champion (and Cena's Wrestlemania opponent), the Miz. During this time, we could only dream of the match, which many of us felt would never happen. However, our worries were put to rest last week, when John Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the Great One. It was then that we knew: the Rock was coming back to the ring.

Fast forward to April 3, 2011, Wrestlemania 27. The main event, which many of us speculated would be Triple H vs The Undertaker, was instead John Cena vs The Miz. We knew what was coming and sure enough, following a very controversial double countout finish, the Rock appeared to rectify the situation (both his situation and the double countout finish) as he restarted the match and delivered a bittersweet Rock Bottom to John Cena. I knew it was coming and I figured I would have to wait almost a year to see my dream come to life.

Boy was I wrong. Tonight, at the end of one of the best episodes of RAW I have seen since I began watching again (last February), John Cena called out the Rock, looking for a fight. The Rock agreed that a fight must happen, but it would happen at Wrestlemania 28. The two shook hands, fought back the Corre, and sealed the deal.

This is the match that the people want and Vince McMahon made sure that the people will get what they want. I can almost guarantee that this match will get the million PPV buys that Vince has been looking for these past few years. Add in the fact that many other new talents (who WWE officials are high on) will most likely be over with the crowd by then. People such as Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, and Sin Cara all have a year to work with. Established stars like The Miz, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Edge, Christian, and of course, the Undertaker will also be a great addition to the card.

Already next year's Wrestlemania is looking to be a classic. Its most likely going to be the most hyped up Wrestlemania of all time. All we need is an effective delivery on April 1, 2012!