WVU Football: Rich Rodriguez Responsible for Missing Player Files?

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IJanuary 14, 2008

The Charleston (W.Va) Gazette's Dave Hickman has a major scoop in today's paper:

Citing a knowledgeable source in the WVU athletic department, Hickman reports that all of the paperwork files on all WVU players and recruits are missing.

Hickman reports that all records of current players—their strength and conditioning files, their public service, their classroom attendance, their discipline—are gone.

The files went missing sometime between Dec. 16th—the day Rich Rodriguez announced he was leaving to go to Michigan—and Jan. 3rd, when the team returned from its Fiesta Bowl triumph.

Hickman reports that Rodriguez and his longtime personal assistant Dusty Rutledge were seen shredding files on Dec. 18. He also reports that although the athletic department has not launched an investigation (WHAT?), the University's legal counsel has become involved, as it is currently pursuing a $4 million suit against Rodriguez.

This could be a crippling blow to a program in transition that has just lost most of its coaching staff, its star recruit (Terrelle Pryor), and its star fullback, wide receiver, and running back.

Further, if it's Rodriguez's doing, the university should sue him for $8 million.

It's one thing to change jobs, as Rodriguez maintained he was doing. It's another thing to cripple your former employer out of spite.