AuburnSports Columnist Takes a Shot at University of Alabama

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IApril 7, 2011

Looking at you Bama
Looking at you BamaChristian Petersen/Getty Images

This morning WNSP 105.5, a sports radio station out of Mobile, AL, had an interview with Jeffrey Lee of, the Auburn affiliate of and media giant Yahoo!. 

In his interview, Mr. Lee said that he had been investigating the recruitment of Brent Calloway and thought it was suspicious that he went to Alabama instead of Auburn after switching on national television weeks earlier. and CollegeFootballTalk have reported on Lee's allegations.

He said that he thought it was suspicious that Brent's father publicly came out against his son's decision to go to Auburn and suspected something was wrong when Brent went to Tuscaloosa instead of Auburn on the last recruiting weekend.

Mr. Lee then said that he had reason to believe that Brent took a ride after that visit with an Alabama fan (not a booster) and to destinations unknown.

After this visit Mr. Lee said that Brent's father paid his mortgage payment that was a month behind and inquired as to how much he still owed on his house.

When asked if he had any proof of possible payments, Mr. Lee said not at this time and that since it was most likely cash payments made, there would not be any.

When asked to clarify if he was accusing the University of Alabama of any knowledge into illegal recruitment of Brent Calloway, he responded, "Absolutely, that is what I am saying."

This should only add explosives to the fire that is burning between Alabama and Auburn fans and seems to be a desperate attempt by little brother to turn the spotlight away from himself.