Spread Eagle: Week 5 Picks (8-5)

Matt's Pats BlogAnalyst IOctober 4, 2008

Home team in bold

SUNDAY, 1:00

Cardinals (+6.5) over Packers [WIN]
No Aaron Rodgers means that the Packers will be starting a rookie QB.

Bears (-3.5) over Lions [WIN]
For the rest of the year, I'm betting against the Lions and the Rams unless either of those teams strings together 3 consecutive wins.

Colts (-3) over Texans [WIN]
A 1-2 Colts team coming off a bye week is dangerous, especially against a winless team.

Panthers (-9.5) over Chiefs [WIN]
The Chiefs are a different team at Arrowhead, and they really don't stand a chance on the road.

Chargers (-6.5) over Dolphins [LOSS]
The Chargers are averaging 35 points per game and they're only 2-2. If they can button up the defense even a slight bit, they're going to be difficult to beat.

Giants (-6.5) over Seahawks [WIN]
The Seahawks are not a good team, yet they still might win their division. That's how pathetic the NFC West is.

Titans (-2.5) over Ravens [WIN]
The Ravens can't move the ball against a good D, and the Titans are exactly that.

Redskins (+5.5) over Eagles [WIN]
The Birds without Westbrook are a mediocre team, and it doesn't look like he'll be playing against his brother and the Redskins.

SUNDAY, 4:05

Broncos (-3.5) over Bucs [LOSS]
The Broncos showed last week that they're not the powerhouse that everyone thought they where, but they should be able to take care of the Brian Griese-led Bucs.

Bills (+1.5) over Cardinals [LOSS]
The Bills are bound to lose at some point, just not this week.

Cowboys (-10.5) over Bengals [LOSS]
This spread could be 20.5 and I'd still take the 'Boys.

Pats (-3.5) over 49ers [WIN]
No other way to put it other than this is a must-win game for the Pats.

SUNDAY, 8:15

Jaguars (-3.5) over Steelers [LOSS]
The Steelers' offense is just pathetic, and that was the case before their replacement for Fast Willie went down for the season.

MONDAY, 8:30

Saints (-3.5) over Vikings
The Vikings are officially last year's 49ers: a much-hyped team that got a lot of attention in the preseason and can't win because their QB will never be good enough to take them anywhere.


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