WWE: Is Sin Cara a Silent Assassin or a Silent Victim?

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 13, 2011

This past Monday night on Raw, Sin Cara officially had his first WWE match, and was greeted well by the crowd, some even chanting his name.

However, it seems he is not going over so well with the big boss himself, Vince McMahon.

With Sin Cara having botched two out of three entrances thus far, the botched ones being live, Vince is thinking of scrapping the high-risk entry altogether in favour of a less risky one, according to Wrestling Edge.

My personal speculation is that if this does happen, he could jump to the apron and dive over from there into the ring. That way they can still use the perfectly-timed pyrotechnics, and it will still look impressive to the crowd and TV viewers alike.

With his first match, Cara faced Superstars regular Primo Colada, which is the name given by the woo-woo kid Zack Ryder, who likes to refer to himself as Long Island Iced Z.

With the match giving both superstars a chance to impress, it went well until the finish. With Sin Cara going for his finishing move, Primo slipped and caused Cara to tumble to the outside of the ring, thankfully unscathed.

This is something else Vince is reportedly unhappy with.

According to Wrestling Edge, backstage personnel were even joking that Primo would probably be fired out of spite.

Hopefully Vince doesn’t get too annoyed at what’s gone on so far. He needs to remember that Cara might not be used to performing for so many people in the crowd, and with so many people watching at home.

That has to be nerve-wracking for anyone their first time, no matter who they are. And with Cara reportedly being nervous beforehand, his nerves would have played a big factor.

Sin Cara is also used to a different style of opponent, and while he appears to be sticking to his Lucha high-risk style, his opponents are American wrestlers. Not in the sense of nationality, but their style of fighting.

Cara has done the best so far with what he’s had to work with.

If Vince gets angry with anyone, he should be angry with the staff member who was pushing the trampoline out on Raw, because it was most likely their poor positioning that caused the entrance to be botched in the first place.

Maybe Vince should stick with the entrance but allow the trampoline to placed beforehand so that it is in the right position for him to jump on and clear the ropes correctly.

And be angry with Primo for losing his balance on the top rope, but not too angry because it was a small slip that just spiralled into something bigger.

Primo is obviously a talented wrestler, so if he gets punished for something that happens a lot, then there is a lot of injustice going on.

Hopefully Sin Cara won’t get any heat and get stuck in lower-midcard hell for events that weren’t his fault to begin with.

So what do you all think? Will Sin Cara be punished and if so, how? What about Primo, do you think this will add to a case for his dismissal with the cuts coming soon?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my article.