WWE News: John Morrison's Further Fallout

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 14, 2011

Following on from my two previous articles where I discussed the rumor that John Morrison took issue with Trish Stratus within regards to WrestleMania 27, and an interview with the woman herself, there has been further fallout from the whole torrid affair.

John Morrison has a lot of talent when it comes to in-ring ability, and having watched a video of him doing parkour, I am impressed with his skill out of the ring.

One thing he is not good at though is working on the mic. He always seems like he’s giving a political speech to a group of disinterested people whenever he speaks and, unless he gets the confidence to, will not be a spokesman anytime soon.

This lack of mic skill is what has always said to have held him back.

But with the recent reports of Morrison being upset with Trish and snubbing her after the match at WM27, he is most likely going to be held back even further.

Recent evidence of this is the 5-man gauntlet match he participated in this week on Raw along with fellow superstars; Randy Orton, John Cena, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler. The match in question was to determine who would face WWE Champion, The Miz, at Extreme Rules.

Being that Morrison is a master of parkour and high flying, the pay-per-view would have been the perfect place for Morrison to get in the race for the title.

He was also my choice, along with Ziggler, to win the match. Especially seeing as how Orton and Cena are always in the title race, and Truth just doesn’t have what it takes to win.

Instead, Morrison was beaten by Truth in what can surely be described as a massive snub. So it seems Morrison may be pushed further down the ladder after all.

On Monday Night Raw he received a further snub, but from retiree Edge. I didn’t see it at the time, but a video shows when Edge leaves Ziggler he walks straight past Morrison and doesn’t even look in his direction.

Now, if someone like Edge is going to snub you, then you know you’re in big trouble because the rest of the locker room are surely going to stop seeing eye to eye with you.

The video is here if you want to watch that small part again.

Another ex-WWE superstar has given his two cents on the whole situation. That man is none other than Val Venis.

As seen on wrestlezone, Val is asked about the situation and he goes on a rant about both Melina and Morrison. I will link the video at the end if you want to watch it.

One of the first things Val says is that he has always been nice to both Morrison and Melina, but due to the whole fiasco he has absolutely zero respect for either of them.

This is completely understandable. If I was a superstar alongside them both, my respect would have gone out of the window, especially after other tidbits about their relationship went public.

He added that if Melina was so upset at not being at WrestleMania, then she should have quit moaning and started proving herself to everyone so that next time she is chosen.

With him also saying the spot is Vince McMahon’s and with Melina not being at the same level as Trish, then I believe that Melina gaining a spot at any main event is a long way off.

One of the main things that has been said about the pair is that Melina has engaged in sexual activity with other men, while still with Morrison.

Val even went as far as naming two of these men as Mike Knox and Batista, going further and calling Morrison "a bitch with no nuts who is trying to turn a hoe into a housewife."

I used to love Val when he was with the company and I love him even further for this video. Everything he said was spot on and I hope Morrison sees the video so he can understand the downward spiral he is on while staying with Melina.

I do believe he should be punished for his belligerent actions and huge disrespect, but he needs to step up and prove that he’s more than just the events that transpired.

He won’t be pushed for a while, but it will teach him a lesson and hopefully he comes back and has learned to respect people instead.

The video showing Val Venis ranting is here. The video does have some bad language so be warned.

I hope you enjoyed the article and I appreciate all comments left below.

Thank you for reading.