Colorado's Defense May Be Their Best Offense

Brandon BeemerContributor IOctober 8, 2008

In light of all the hype surrounding CU's offensive four- and five-star recruits in the 2008 recruiting class (Darrell Scott, Bryce Givens, Max Tuioti-Mariner, Ryan Deehan, Ray Polk), it's surprising that CU's defense is the shining point.

Is this any surprise with Brian Cabral still anchoring the D? Nope. Year in and year out, CU coaches coach-up overlooked athletes into Big 12 first and second teamers.

Here's a little tidbit: CU was the only school that recruited Jordon Dizon as a linebacker. He was mainly being looked at by second tier schools as a fullback.

But let's look at this year, starting from the inside out. George Hypolite and Brandon Nicolas have gotten a lot of well-deserved hype and again anchor the line.

But let's face it—the athleticism on this year's unit is definitely mid-tier in the Big-12, yet still reminds me a lot of the 2005 Broncos Defense.

Remember them, that team that went to the AFC Championship game? How'd they do it? They just switched it up and blitzed from every possible package.

With that said, CU's cornerbacks must get some props. All the preseason writers picked on them because of their lack of experience. I think they've picked a bone with their naysayers with all their picks week in week out.

Also, Shaun Mohler is the freakin' man! This dude is insane—he's a way better athlete than Jordon Dizon. Once he knows the system, WATCH OUT FOR NO. 47!

If CU is going to have success for the remainder of the year, they need to play overly aggressive, relaxed, and bring pressure like my Grandma brings dinner on Thanksgiving afternoon which is BIG TIME!  What do they have to lose? Not much.

Additionally, another huge key to CU's defensive success is the offense. What the heck is Cody Hawkins still doing starting? Yeah, I know all we hear about is his height, but I can think of a bunch of other short quarterbacks—Doug Flutie, Troy Smith, Todd Reesing—who win games, and a lot of them!

In regards to stopping Reesing on Saturday, CU's best bet is to keep Reesing off the field. Matt Ballenger anyone? Colorado's defense needs to give Reesing crazy pressure when he's out there and just keep FORCING TURNOVERS! CU's defense may be their best offense.