WWE Superstars, April 14, 2011: New Home, New Time

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2011

Masterlock Applied to Curt Hawkins
Masterlock Applied to Curt Hawkins

Welcome, fellow Bleachers, to the return of my WWE Superstars review! In what used to be part of my weekly routine, I took a short hiatus from my recaps due to a busy writing schedule. But nonetheless, I return this week as WWE Superstars finds its new home on WWE.com with a new start time of 5 p.m. eastern time for those in the United States.


Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins

Although we have seen this match occur numerous times on the Thursday evening show, this is certainly the best we've seen from Hawkins in a good while. He is usually booked to look like an easy talent; however, that wasn't the case tonight.

It was obvious Masters would go over yet again, but who does it help? In my opinion, Masters' days of holding a major championship are over, so why not put over a youthful, athletic talent such as Hawkins instead?

The Long Island native is capable of so much more, given his awesome entrance music, look, and not to mention his tremendous wrestling ability. One can only hope he isn't of the many lower talents to be released in coming weeks, as I certainly think he can benefit from a move to RAW and a reformation with Zack Ryder.


Natalya and Gail Kim defeated Maryse and Melina

A great Divas matches. You don't see many women matches get decent time like this on the main shows, so it was refreshing to see the four best women workers on the RAW brand get some more ring time.

Chemistry played a factor in the match's success, giving every participant their chance to shine. Maryse isn't seen wrestling as much anymore and giving her an entry into the match was an improvement to make her character mean something again.

The finish was very well done, and it's about time one of these four gets the strap soon, if not Awesome Kong. It's depressing to see these type of matches go to waste while the Bellas win the worthless belt for no reason without that much talent to back it up.


The Great Khali defeated Zack Ryder

A typical squash. It's nice to see these once in a while, but not when you have a talent such as Zack Ryder on the receiving end of it.

Ryder was given little time to prove something, only to give another worthless victory for Khali that will do nothing in the long-run. On the other hand, Ryder's promo cut before the match was perfect in my mind, hitting it exactly saying he is highly underrated amongst management.

On a side note, for those who are not familiar with Ryder's recent YouTube videos, I highly consider checking them out. They have been praised by many WWE Superstars, contain humor and basically show how under utilized this guy really is.


Final Analysis

Despite a lackluster main event, it was a decent show with acceptable in-ring action. I'm glad they only chose to air Edge's retirement speech from Monday and not a million other promos we've all seen numerous times in the past.

As I stated before, WWE Superstars has moved to a new home and time of 5 p.m. eastern time on WWE.com due to its cancellation from WGN America. Thanks for reading and make sure to return next week for more coverage!

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