Kevin Garnett's $1,000 Limited Edition Finals Kicks? Yeah, Still Available

Aaron GettingsContributor IOctober 8, 2008

You may remember that Adidas, for the NBA Finals last season, released a special limited Finals edition sneaker featuring Kevin Garnett for a cool $1,017.  I wrote about it back in June.  And by "wrote about it" I mean "mocked it childishly out of spite and jealousy."  I just didn't think that there were that many sane people willing to drop a grand on a pair of sneakers, no matter how nice or how limited they were.

Well, chalk one up for me.  Apparently the Celtics still have 13 pairs of these shoes kicking around.  Adidas supposedly produced eight pairs for each game, one through seven, which would be a total of 56 pairs.  Doing some quick math in my head (which is rarely a good idea), that means that they managed to sell 43 pairs of these bad boys, raking in a cool $43,000+.  Not bad for a few pair of shoes.

Desperate enough to advertise the fact that they only have 13 pairs left, the Celtics have a banner on their online store counting down the leftover sneakers.  However, they're not quite desperate enough to drop the price...probably won't find these on the clearance rack at Marshall's anytime soon.

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