WWE: Is It Time to Get Rid of the Separate Rosters?

James PinchesContributor IApril 18, 2011

With the annual draft coming up, I'm asking one simple question. Why?

As many of you are aware, we have superstars from both shows showing up at both shows. Alberto Del Rio is probably the most active wrestler on Raw, despite being a Smackdown superstar.

Is there any need to have separate rosters now? Surely the quality would be higher and storylines could be built more in depth with greater surprises, if the same superstars would appear randomly on different shows.

And not in the same order, on the same shows every week, week in, week out.

It was a bit different when the roster was much bigger but with more cuts coming up in the roster, surely we could have one big roster all competing for the same belts. This would give more prestige to the belts and even to some extent, keep the wrestlers fresh, putting on better matches each week.

Also with the two rosters aligning, we could unite the two main belts, giving you a three-tier system of WWE/WHC Undisputed Title, Intercontinental Title and US Champion. Therefore, you would have a clear way of indicating who is main-eventing, who is midcard and who is lower-card.

I think it would make the programming a lot more interesting, and would definitely be more exciting to watch as there would be a greater amount of surprise. As with every week, RAW and Smackdown are just too predictable and stale.

What are your thoughts and what would you like to see in the draft?