WWE News: Awesome Kong's New Name and Possible Feuds

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 18, 2011

According to pwinsider, the WWE filed a trademark a week ago for the name Kharma.

With TNA owning the Awesome Kong name, we all knew a change was to be made when she eventually made her debut. With this news, it appears she has a name at last.

One thing to consider is that the WWE has recently been looking for new names for their pay-per-view events, and Kharma may very well be the name for one of them.

But one thing we fans like to do is speculate, and speculate we shall.

With her name being Kharma, albeit misspelled like Corre, this could be a massive hint unto itself about what kind of character she will be playing.

I haven’t seen her in action myself, but looking at her I would say she is a monster heel.

With karmic justice generally being given to those who have done bad, could she be debuting as a face character disposing of all the bad in the divas division, a la Sin Cara’s debut?

As I said just above though, would she be a believable face, and would she get over with the fans as one?



I’m not going to lie, seeing these two squashed like bugs would be the highlight of whatever show it happens on.

Layla and Michelle McCool do very well in portraying the annoying beautiful girls who think they are better than anyone else, and with their constant double teaming of everyone they face, some Kharmic justice is very much needed.

However, with the breakup of the pair happening soon, will there be any point in this feud happening?

I know a lot of people want LayCool to break up, but having Kharma destroy one of them only to have the other come out and make the save could be a good way to keep them together and reaffirm their bond. Although, from recent showings, Layla would make the save and McTaker would not.

The fans don’t like them, so seeing them both destroyed will get Kharma a lot of fans in a very short period, thus proving she is a keeper.


Melina and Maryse

With Melina turning heel recently and Maryse always having been one, they both share the same qualities. They both believe themselves to be above their station and they both look down upon others with disdain.

Melina does it with the way she moves and acts, whilst Maryse does it with simple hand gestures.

Another thing they have in common is that they both need to be taught a lesson, and Kharma could very well rear its ugly head on either one—or both.

Neither women has been in the hunt for the divas title recently, so they will both need something to keep them occupied. With both having teamed on Superstars recently, the foundation is already there.

They have nothing to do and they both have futures within the company, so keeping them occupied for a while with Kharma will help them stay in the spotlight and improve upon their current skill set.

They could even be a starting point on the ladder to crowning glory for Kharma.


The Bella Twins

I’m not going to lie, I had to look the name up of the Bella that isn’t Brie.

With Brie recently winning the first championship belt either twin has had, she has acquired a target at the same time. That target could very well be what Kharma aims for when she shoots in to the WWE.

However, the championship win came with the assistance of Nikki (see, I told you I looked it up). With the twins being notorious for using “Twin Magic,” they have won their fair share of matches.

In case you didn’t know, Twin Magic is when the twins swap in the ring, a fresh one for a beaten one, while the referee is distracted by whatever force he is distracted by. This enables the fresh Bella to reverse a move and pick up the victory.

With the twins very rarely seeing any punishment for pulling a stunt like this, then Kharma would be their just desserts. It would also set her in the title picture straight away, and I don’t think a lot of people would have a problem with it.

If the twins did try their magic, then there is no doubt Kharma would know and punish them both like they never have been before.

She could easily take them on at the same time without little trouble. I’m sure a lot of people would want to see this as well.

I would have put Vickie Guerrero just because I would love to see her get some comeuppance, but that is unlikely to happen.

Based on her size, Kharma could definitely wrestle some of the men as well. By looking at her one would guess that she has grappled with the other sex in the past. Maybe she will again.

For now, we will just await her debut and see what kind of destruction she brings.

But you never know, Kharma may not even be her name. If it is, what do you think about it?

Are you looking forward to her debut? Who would you like to see her tangle with?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article.

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