Martin Kaymer: Is He Falling from His No. 1 Perch?

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IApril 20, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - APRIL 17:  Martin Kaymer of Germany plays a shot during the fourth round of the Maybank Malaysian Open at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club on April 17, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)
Ian Walton/Getty Images

When Martin Kaymer ascended to the top spot in the world, I will concede, I thought we had a real top player.

However, what has shown of recent is not that of a true top golfer.

A true top golfer is in contention when they are on the course. They are respected by all, and they have the wins to back it up. While Martin Kaymer has a major and has a win in this season, he still lacks the consistency when he plays in America.

Kaymer's win this season came at Abu Dhabi, a tournament which he has excelled in for a long time. His second best finish was at the Accenture Match Play, the tournament where he ascended to the top spot.

He did so by coming in second, which (at the time) was welcomed. Many people had become sick of Lee Westwood being atop the game, due to the fact he didn't even play to earn the rank. 

But what has come of Kaymer since?

He just posted his highest finish as the world's best golfer, tying for ninth at the Maybank Malasian Open. Other than that, Kaymer has tied for 24th in the Cadillac Championship, a T20 at the Transitions and a missed cut at the Masters.

Now, let's not get too ludicrous with comparisons, but when Tiger Woods held the top spot in golf, he missed only two major cuts. Like I said, it's tough to compare to Tiger Woods, but being the No. 1 player in the world isn't all it's cut out to be. 

While Kaymer certainly earned his way to the top spot in golf, his recent play has led most to believe that he is not the world's best golfer. It's not his fault he holds that rank. It is very much the Official World Golf Rankings Formula that has led to this conclusion that Kaymer is not the best.

Although at the time Kaymer was rewarded for quality play, it seems that he and Lee Westwood have been rewarded too much. Both of them, especially Westwood, have yet to put out big this year and yet they are the only two unfazed by the changing rankings weekly.

Simply put, the system needs to be more fluid. Right now, there is no best golfer, but the rankings reflect there has been one for consecutive weeks.

Where should Kaymer land, though? I would have to say that right now Kaymer ranks third in the world.

Lee Westwood, the world's second best player, drops way down on my rankings with his play. He has not cracked the top 10 yet this year, something that even Tiger Woods was able to do.

Like I said, it's not to jump all over Kaymer's game, or attitude. He's a class act, and a good golfer. But right now, he's not the best player in the world. It is the nature of the game.

So many young talents are out there and Kaymer has not been able to stick with them on the PGA Tour, and has had decent success in Europe.

Is there time for him? Of course there is.

Kaymer is in his 20s and has a major. That's a head start on all of the young guns out there. He's got a great skill-set for the game, and is ready to be battle tested in the long run.

But as of right now, he has lost the battle.

It's a shame that it was such a short stay, but it really is over for Martin Kaymer's first (but maybe not last) stint as the world's best golfer, in the mind of the public. 

If you're wondering who my top golfers in the world are, keep an eye out for my Unofficial World Golf Power Rankings, set to be released Thursday.