A Team of Question Marks: NBA Preview for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Jim MontgomeryContributor IOctober 9, 2008

       Another season of Cavaliers basketball is upon us basketball fans, and from all accounts the Cavaliers are believed to be a fading team. Surrounded by the clout of LeBron James potentially leaving the team about an hour away from his hometown in Akron, Ohio and going to the "Sports Mecca of the World". While still calling New York City the Mecca of anything, let alone basketball, is laughable, and when blows come to blows it's doubtful that he will actually leave the Cavs, the fact remains that the Cavaliers are full of question marks.

       During the offseason, the Cavaliers made a "big" move by trading for Mo Williams, the 25 year-old scoring point guard from Milwaukee. Though it will take time to develop a relationship between the guard and the "king" and comparing statistics turns up favorable statistics, the fact remains that playing the Pippen to Lebron's Jordan has not yet turned up an unstoppable result. I believe that the best game plan for the Cavaliers is for a lot of moving without the ball.

       The roster is set up for this game plan too. With a standout, yet inconsistent, shooter like Wally Sczerbiak and a consistent and young shooter in Daniel Gibson the Cavs have a couple outside and intermediate range shooters there for Williams and James to kick out to.

       A lot of the problem with last years team was that there was no time to jell with the team. With Anderson Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic out until December, and half the team traded away in February, inconsistency riddled the Cavaliers as the line-up changed a lot.

       This year as the team has much of the same team, the results will be much better as everyone has had a chance to play together for an extended period of time. Four of five starters are back, along with much of the bench. Gone is Damon Jones who was just sucking up money that we could use to get better. In as a prospect is JJ Hickson, an athletic power forward from NC State.

        The defense, shooting, offense, and personel will be better this year, and for that I believe the Cavs will win 52 games and compete for the Eastern Conference crown. They barely lost to Boston, and without mental mistakes, the Cavs would have taken on the Pistons for the crown again. Where they inevitably would have had their annual breakdown.

          For this year, a change is mandatory, in the demeanor, in the play. If these changes take place, the Cavs will be the team I'm describing here. If not it will be another year of people freaking out that the King will be gone and unfairly judging the talent on the team.