Washington Redskins Next Best Hope in the NFL Draft: The New England Patriots

Tom Toth@@TomToth3Contributor IApril 20, 2011

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

That's right.

There has been endless speculation about which college standout Washington will take at the No. 10 spot in the draft this year. The best case scenario for the Washington Redskins?


The New England Patriots have six picks within the first three rounds of the draft:

Two in the first round.

Two in the second round.

Two in the third round.

A dream for any other franchise preparing for April 29 when, in prime time, their team will hope to find a player who will be a staple for the organization for the next decade.

The Patriots are in a unique position moving into the draft, however.

Last year, the Patriot's draft was nothing short of epic, with eight players making the team. This year, the only problem the Patriots have is possibly having more quality draft picks than they do open spots on the roster.

But the Patriots could use one more thing to put their staggering 14-2 team from last year over the top: a star.

New England champions of the past had players at certain positions that could dominate, the replacement for one of which could easily be found at the No. 10 pick of the draft, and at a value New England demands.

It is projected by most that either Julio Jones or A.J. Green will be available at the No. 10 spot this year.

New England would, in all probability, miss their chance to have one of these guys (each oozing with potential) catching passes from the always prolific Tom Brady (who has shown he doesn't necessarily need a star, but remember what he did with Randy Moss...)

A dangerous pass-rushing outside linebacker would also be an ideal fit in the Bill Belichick 3-4 defense.

A potential star like Robert Quinn would fit the bill perfectly to finally be a comparable replacement to Willie McGinest.

Prince Amukamara could help create a dominant New England defensive backfield.

J.J. Watt could be a stud at DE on the New England line.

Regardless of who the pick is, it is inarguable that there are several picks at No. 10 whom the Patriots would love to have, who will not be available at No. 17.

Now to the other side of the deal:

The Washington Redskins are not as bad a team as they have been advertised to be as of late. However, the Redskins are in a place right now where they are doing everything they can to build a quality, young football team, designed to compete for the foreseeable future.

Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will not be able to accomplish this without draft picks.

This season, Washington is without both their third and fourth round picks (third round went to New Orleans and Jamaal Brown, and the fourth was a part of the McNabb deal).

A trade-back with New England could secure Washington with much-needed draft picks to continue building their roster.

Potentially, Washington could end up with another second and/or third round pick, while only moving back seven spaces in the first round.

At that spot, a solid defensive lineman such as Cam Jordan would likely be available.
Or a pass-rusher, say Ryan Kerrigan, would be an excellent choice to rush the QB opposite Brian Orakpo.

And the glaring hole at nose tackle could finally be filled by the 334 lbs. Phil Taylor, considered by many to be the only legitimate nose tackle prospect in the draft.

OR, Lord help 'em, the Redskins could take a shot and draft whomever they consider the best non-Cam Newton/Blaine Gabbert QB in the draft to be, and begin grooming who may well be the next franchise signal caller in the nation's capital.

Whoever the pick is, he would undoubtedly help fill one of the many needs on the Redskins' roster, while offering Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan one or two more solid prospects to build this team for the long term.

Whatever the case, both franchises win.