Philadelphia Flyers Miss Chris Pronger's Size, Influence and Fear Factor

Cody ReisigContributor IIApril 8, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 08:  Chris Pronger #6 of the Philadelphia Flyers skates during an NHL hockey game against the Edmonton Oilers at the Wells Fargo Center on March 8, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

The Flyers looked weak and were physically intimidated all night Wednesday in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Buffalo Sabres.

Although I previously wrote an article urging the Flyers to let Chris Pronger sit until Round 2, this game tonight has shown this cannot happen.

Whether it was the Flyers chasing the larger Sabres around all night, or Zherdev being thrown into the Sabres bench, or some truly questionable calls, the Flyers were demasculated all night long.

This could and would all be changed with the addition of a certain 6'6", 220-pound defensemen.

Chris Pronger is the soul of this team and his absence is most definitely felt. It isn't his defensive play, or his offensive prowess, or even his position on the power play (well, it's kinda that). It's his intimidation.

Although Chris Pronger has been in only arguably one fight as a Flyer, he's the most feared player on the team, and one of the more feared in the league.

The Philadelphia Flyers so obviously miss this hulking presence on the blueline, and it's incredibly painful to watch them get bullied and pushed around so blatantly.

So, Mr. Pronger, ignore my other article, come back for Game 5. We so very desperately need you on our blueline, inspiring fear in the hearts of the Sabres, and the referees perhaps?

Besides, the hand's a hell of a way from the heart...