Ohio State Football 2K8 Week Seven: Tressel Needs a Moustache

Ryan StaabAnalyst IOctober 10, 2008

No, Tressel did not grow a mustache, that was just me futzing around with MS Paint, inspired by this article from Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about coaches with mustaches in the Big Ten.

Upon closer observation, my Paint masterpiece makes it look like Tressel was on the wrong end of, um, something that probably shouldn't be mentioned on a family friendly website. The above picture is a perfect example of why I never pursued graphic design as a major in college...

Anyway, Ohio State beat Wisky 20-17 and I was wrong with my game prediction. I like it when I'm wrong. Terrelle Pryor made some rookie mistakes, but guess what folks: HE IS A ROOKIE. Name one college football team in the country that wouldn't kill to have a true freshman with Pryor's talent?

My only complaint was that I couldn't watch the game on ABC, seeing as how I was in Southern California where of course, USC takes precedent over everything else.

Here's some other links for you to check out:

Doug Harris of the Dayton Daily News thinks the Buckeyes are lacking in the fear factor department.

Megan Couling is Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week. What can I say? I'm a sucker for girls with curly hair.

Check out B/R newcomer Ryan Burns' prediction of the Ohio State-Purdue game. Welcome to the site, Ryan.

Doug Lesmerises' article from the Plain Dealer breaking down the odds of Ohio State making another appearance in the National Championship game.

Another excellent article from Bleacher Creature Gray Ghost.

Theme song of the week is "Edie (Ciao, Baby) by The Cult:

I'm as perplexed as everyone else regarding Curtis Painter's performance this season (and Purdue's in general). Granted I didn't pick the 'Due to win the Big Ten, but I thought they'd be better than what we've seen thus far. Doesn't help that Painter's in the doghouse with Joe Tiller right now.

As long as we have our dual backfield threat, I'm really not too concerned about this game. Yeah, Purdue would love nothing more than to play spoiler; yeah, it'd be a marquee win for Tiller in his last season.

Yeah, they gave Penn State a rough time last week, but I don't see an upset happening. Not with Pryor and Beanie. Not even against our schizo defense (how else could you describe the way they play other than schizophrenic? Sometimes great, sometimes mind-numbingly infuriating).

Pryor's numbers last week against Wisky were a dependable 13-19-144 with one pick and a 68.4 passing average and averaged 7.6 yards per pass. His overall passing stats this season are 42-65-440-5 with a whopping two picks in four starts and a 64.6 passing average. In comparison, Painter is 110-191-1225-5, but against Penn State he was 57.6 passing average 13-22-112 with one interception and averaged 5.1 yards.

Needless to say, Pryor has the edge in head-to-head match-up.

Receiving is where it gets a little tricky, though. Hartline is the leading wide receiver, going 13-226 with two touchdown receptions so far this season, while Robo is 22-213 with four touchdown receptions.

Purdue's Desmond Tardy is 25-393 with two touchdowns while Greg Orton is 30-330 with one touchdown. Purdue has the edge in passing, if and when Painter can actually throw the ball to his guys.

Long story short, expect to see more of the "Terrelle and Beanie Show" with both running circles around Purdue's defense.

My prediction:
Ohio State Buckeyes 31, Purdue Boilermakers 14


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