Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: Is the Constant Speculation Damaging to Boxing?

Martin SaltCorrespondent IApril 23, 2011

The Iconic MGM Grand. Lets hope it is always full on fight night
The Iconic MGM Grand. Lets hope it is always full on fight nightEthan Miller/Getty Images

The never-ending debate continues on boxing websites, forums and Twitter feeds. The fight has been billed as boxing’s ultimate dream match. Even if the story is about another fight, nine times out of 10 it will contain a reference to the potential super fight.

Unless Shane Mosley pulls off an upset, Manny Pacquiao will have his hand raised in victory on May 7th, 2011.

It’s likely Pacquiao will call out Mayweather once again. But will we get a positive response from "Money?" Probably not. And so the circus continues.

In the aftermath of recent fights, the victorious boxer always seems to talk about a potential fight between themselves and either Pacquiao or Mayweather. Be honest, how many times have you read about fighters like Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez stating that their ultimate goal is to fight Pacquiao or Mayweather?

What happens if a miracle occurs and Pacquiao vs. Mayweather goes ahead? Without a doubt, it will be the biggest event in boxing for decades. But what happens when the fight is over? Are there any other mega fights which could capture the attention of the general public as much as Pacquiao vs. Mayweather?

Don’t get me wrong on this, there are many talented boxers out there. But we have yet to see a different group of fighters other than Pacquiao or Mayweather, that could really spark the enthusiasm of the casual sports fan.

With MMA fastly becoming a popular spectator sport with the casual fan, the lack of major boxing stars willing to fight each other on a regular basis is hurting the sport. Instead, we are frequently forced to endure embarrassing mismatches with champion fighters taking on journeymen.

MMA gives the fans what they want as the best fighters are constantly matched against each other. Rarely will you see MMA fighters avoid each other. Therefore, the shows are usually of a high and entertaining quality. But more importantly, the depth of fighter talent and promotion are there to ensure that the next event is just as important as the last.

The recent fight between Marcos Maidana and Erik Morales was a good advert for boxing. Not only was the feature bout a classic encounter, but the undercard was pretty good too.

This is what boxing needs, but it never gets major mainstream sports coverage. Why? Because of the saturated media coverage towards a single fight which may not happen.

Apart from the support of hardcore boxing fans, decent fights occurring every weekend are being overshadowed by the potential big fight around the corner. But after the final bell sounds in the fight, we all want to see what the next big boxing spectacle that attracts the masses will be.