Vesa Toskala Captain? Luke Schenn Faces True Test Against Canadiens

Tyler Hill@@tyler_hillVPAnalyst IOctober 11, 2008


As I watched the Maple Leafs game this past Thursday night, it was said multiple times that Vesa Toskala was listed as the Leafs' Captain.

Earier that week, the Vancouver Canucks announced that Roberto Luongo would be their captain for the 2008-'09 season. Having a goaltender wear the "C" (in a figurative sense as goaltenders cannot actually wear the letter on their jersey) was something the league had not seen in many years.

The Canucks were very bold when they decided to make this choice, although many people believe they are just trying to keep him in Vancouver for a little longer.

Now, back to Vesa Toskala and the Leafs. The fact that the Toronto netminder was listed as captain was probably Ron Wilson playing around with the Toronto media, something they will have to get used to over the course of  the season. If they don’t, they are in for a long year.

On the other hand, this may provide insight into the happenings within Toronto's dressing room. If this is the case, I can’t argue with them for doing it. The entire summer was spent with Leafs fans thinking up captaincy roles for the Leafs' roster, which included Blake, Kaberle, Antorpov, along with many others. It was never thought that Vesa Toskala would get the "C."

Ron Wilson is a genius for coming up with this idea. He has left Leaf Nation in madness! (Well, not madness, but we are confused.) We all thought we knew what our team would do when it came time for the Leafs to name a Captain; this decision caught everyone off guard.

On another note, the Leafs' decision to dress Luke Schenn for the first games of the regular season worked very well in the opener against Detroit.

Schenn looked very good in his debut, almost like he had been playing for years. This could be the start of a very successful career. The 18 year old has shown he has the skill to play against the NHL's best; he is in for another test when the Leafs take on the Montreal Canadiens on tonight's Hockey Night in Canada.

This will be a true test since the Habs are a much faster team than Detriot. It will be a defensive struggle, and Schenn will show his true colours. Going up against the likes of Koivu, Kovalev, Kostitsyn, Tangauy, and Plekanec will provide more insight into how well he truly plays.

The Habs have the best chance, in my opinion, to be the Eastern Conference champs; however, they will have to fight off the Pittsburgh Penguins for that title.

With all the recent developemants in Leaf land, tonight's game will be a big one and will hopefully tell us what's going on with Vesa Toskala and the potential captaincy, not to mention the Schenn situation. The Leafs and their fans have a long season ahead. It will, to say the least, be eventful.