WWE Extreme Rules: Why Christian Is Going to Beat Alberto Del Rio

James PinchesContributor IApril 27, 2011

We have a ladder match for the vacant world heavyweight championship on Sunday night, approaching quickly.

Following the draft, it's now also a Smackdown vs. Raw, battle for the belt.

However, I cannot see both title belts going to Raw—surely Christian is a shoo in to win?

During Raw, when Cena got transferred to Smackdown for an hour and a half, I thought Cena would take the WWE championship with him, while Alberto Del Rio would bring the world heavyweight championship to Raw.

Now that it's not possible, it leaves just two options.

Is there really any possibility of seeing two major belts on one roster?

I don't think they'll allow it, which must mean that Christian is sure to triumph.

I do feel it would be nice for Christian to become a world heavyweight champion within the WWE—it would also be a great homage to Edge, his best friend and former partner, who was a true great.

However, it's still a shame that Alberto Del Rio won't win the belt.

I am a big fan of Del Rio—he has fantastic in-ring skills, he's a great worker on the mic, even with broken English, and has that x-factor that gets him over.

I don't think it will be long before Del Rio fulfils his destiny, as I feel he has a great future here. I also think we could see some great feuds with him now on Raw.

The question is, who with?

Unless the Miz has a face-turn or Cena/Morrison wins the belt at Extreme Rules, what belt can he go for?

It might be a long time before Del Rio is in the frame for the belt again.

The next question is, how long will Christian be champion?

Surely it's only a matter of time before Randy Orton takes the belt again—meaning Christian is only a transitional champion because he's Edge's friend. 

It's been set up for Christian to win, obviously. Being a ladder match, having him win the Battle Royal—I don't think the WWE ever planned on ADR winning the belt at Extreme Rules. 

I applaud Christian for his hard work and he fully deserves the title, but will he get the title reign he deserves or will he just lose the belt at the earliest opportunity?