New York Giants: Eli Manning Isn't a Top 100 Player in the NFL? Really?

Mike OsterbergCorrespondent IMay 24, 2011

Is that one of the 100 best players in the NFL? I say yes.
Is that one of the 100 best players in the NFL? I say yes.Nick Laham/Getty Images

In an obvious effort to move the NFL narrative from the lockout to the players, the NFL Network has been taking the past couple weeks to unveil a list of the Top 100 players in the league. The list was generated by the players of the NFL, so you'd think that they would have a pretty solid list put together.

In reality, the list has a few major flaws.

Namely, Eli Manning is not on it. Really? Here's a guy who's won a Super Bowl, been the MVP of a Super Bowl, plays quarterback in one of the toughest markets in the country, and consistently has his team in the playoff conversation. 

We all know what Manning's resume looks like, so it's a waste to spend too much time on that. Instead, let's look at some of the players that were ranked ahead of him.

More specifically, let's look at just one player who was ranked ahead of Manning. 

At No. 100, we have Donovan McNabb.

The fact that he made the list and Manning didn't is an absolute travesty. McNabb was benched last season in favor of Rex Grossman! He may not even have a starting job come next season, yet the community of NFL players seems to think that he's a better player than Eli Manning. That's just wrong. 

Last year, McNabb threw for 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions with a 77.1 quarterback rating while losing his job at the end of the season.

Manning, on the other hand, threw for 31 touchdowns and 25 interceptions with a 85.3 quarterback rating.

Was his interception total a little high? Sure, but he also threw for over 4,000 yards. Manning had 60 more attempts than McNabb and completed 63 percent of his passes to McNabb's 58 percent. For as mobile as McNabb is supposed to be, Manning was sacked a full 21-less times than his counterpart in Washington.

I don't mean to pile on McNabb, but facts are facts. Manning deserves to be, at the very least, named the 100th best player in the NFL.  

With all of that being said, I applaud the NFL Network for putting this list together and giving fans something positive to talk about this offseason. Are there problems with it? You bet, but at least the fans now have something to talk about that doesn't involve the lockout. 

What do you think? Should Eli have been on the list, or was Donovan McNabb justified in taking the No. 100 spot? 

Mike Osterberg is a recent graduate of Penn State University and Featured Columnist for the New York Giants. He's also a blogger at Follow him on twitter @Mike_Osterberg.