WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Preview: Predicting the Winners of Each Match

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 27, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011 Preview: Predicting the Winners of Each Match

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    Extreme Rules—the one night of the year where the rulebook is thrown straight out the window and stomped on by a passing mammoth.

    With the WWE firmly in the grip of the PG era, it may not be as extreme as the name suggests. Blood is out the window, chair shots to the head are gone and I don’t think we’ll be seeing anyone thrown from the top of a cage anytime soon.

    So, with only four days to go until the final pay-per-view before the new rosters kick in, I will be going through each match announced so far and give you my predictions on who I think will win.

    Without further ado, here are my predictions.

The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison

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    This triple threat match, taking place in a steel cage, will be for the WWE championship. If you want, as I did, you can imagine Justin Roberts saying the name of the title for much better effect.

    With Morrison having a lot of backstage heat lately, it is surprising enough that he still has a job, let alone one where he gets to compete in a main event. Beating R-Truth for the spot to compete, will Morrison be the wildcard he usually is?

    What about Cena, the superman of the WWE? His last run with the title ended last June and, being the face of the company, it is hard to imagine him going without gold for too long. Can he “surprise” us all and get the victory to once again reclaim the belt?

    Then we have The Miz. The holder of the title since November, since cashing in his Money In The Bank contract against a weakened Randy Orton, has been on good form the past few months. While some of his title defences have been questionable to say the least, he has improved greatly in 2011 and proven himself a worthy champion. With Alex Riley departing to SmackDown, will he be the x-factor in this belt or can Miz prove himself to his detractors and win clean?

    With every man having a claim to the belt, it is hard to choose a winner. The WWE has been building Miz up a lot lately and it is highly likely that they want him to continue as champion for a short time longer.

    A lot of people will argue Cena will walk away with it because of his position in the company, but I think that his position will always be the same regardless of a title, and Vince McMahon can clearly see this.

    If I was to give a personal choice as to who I want to win, I would go with Morrison. He has a lot of skill and ability and deserves a push already.

    However, realistically, I think Miz will get the victory. While Cena and Morrison are tied up fighting each other, Miz will see his opportunity and escape the cage.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    This match is taking place for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship, and is taking place in a signature match of Christian's; a ladder match.

    With Del Rio recently being drafted to Raw, will this be Christian’s chance to finally grab a top-tier title in the WWE? With a large fan base and a lot of people calling for him to finally get the title they think he deserves, will the WWE finally listen to the fans and hand him the belt?

    Since his return from injury, suffered at the hands of Del Rio, Christian has had a good run of wins and has even beaten his Extreme Rules opponent a few times.

    Del Rio has had a fast rise to the top and has shown everyone exactly why he deserves to be there. One of the finest heels and best wrestlers in the business, it has seemed more and more likely that he will win his first championship.

    A major point going against Del Rio is the fact he has been drafted to Raw, which would put both major titles on the same show. Now unless they are planning to unify the belts anytime soon, Del Rio walking out the champion would be a massive mistake.

    But with Vince not being high on ex-TNA stars, and Christian having joined them for a while, will he actually allow Christian to walk away with the belt?

    Personally I would prefer Christian to win, but I think Del Rio will pull off the victory.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

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    Considering the volatile relationship and intense feud these men have had lately, it only makes sense for their last match together to be a Last Man Standing match.

    CM Punk is reported to be suffering from burnout and, having not renewed his contract, could very well be on his way out of the company soon enough. If it truly will be Punk’s last match in the company, for now, then will they give him the win as a last hurrah so he can end on a high note? If they did, it would give him something to come back to, if he comes back, and could reaffirm New Nexus.

    With Orton moving to SmackDown, will a win for him enable him to start on the blue brand on a high note? Or will it just be the same old stuff from the viper? Having fought Punk multiple times over the last two months, Orton has won them all. He even took out the other three Nexus members while he was at it. A win won’t really do much for him either, as he is already high in the company.

    When we look at the two, both men can be vicious and destructive. What we also see is one man who needs the win, and one who won’t benefit at all.

    If Orton were to win this match, it won’t get him over with anyone. If Punk wins, it will make people take more notice of him.

    I’d love Punk to win this match, but again my personal preference differs from who I think will win.

    I predict an Orton victory—he may even reverse a GTS into a RKO to pick up the win

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

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    With last week's SmackDown match ending in a Mysterio win, Rhodes went on the offensive and took it upon himself to beat Rey in the ring, around the ring and in the seating area.

    The natural progression for this is a Falls Count Anywhere match between the two. Thankfully this is not a mask vs. mask match.

    After having his nose “broken” back in January by Mysterio, Cody has become a darker version of himself. No longer the dashing one, he hides beneath a surgical mask and despises being looked upon. This darker persona has really brought out Cody and he has proven himself to all to be an excellent mic-worker and in-ring grappler. Picking up the unforeseen victory at WrestleMania 27 and then losing last week, it is 1-1 between them. I’m not counting the tag match the day after WM 27.

    With his draft move to Raw, this will be Rey’s last chance to get some measure of revenge upon Cody, for the way he has been treated since the “broken” nose incident. Will the master of the 619 pull a victory out against the odds as he usually does, or will he put Cody over once again?

    The best thing to happen here is for Rhodes to win the match in order to establish himself as a future main event star. With Mysterio already putting him over once, could we be seeing it happen again? The win for Mysterio will do nothing for his career as he has a legion of kids who adore him already.

    For a change, my personal and realistic prediction is the same. I predict a Rhodes win and he will more than likely do some major damage with the mask before it comes off and he hits a Crossrhodes.

Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross vs. Jack Swagger and Michael Cole

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    If you don't read this slide, at least read the last few sentences before moving on.

    Oh how I loathe to even dedicate any of my time to writing about this matchup. But alas, I will.

    Announced on Raw this past Monday, the match is now a Country Whipping Match. I can only assume this means whipping the opponents with stuff is an acceptable move.

    Lawler and Swagger are the only actual wrestlers in this event. While one of them is past his time, the other is ready to make a name for himself.

    Ross and Lawler have been staples of WWE commentary for years and always work well as a team—will this translate well in the squared-circle though?

    Cole also has little experience in the ring and, from what he has shown, has no clue what on earth he is doing. So all in all there are three men in this match who shouldn’t be wrestling.

    This feud has dominated enough air-time already and, as such, should end at Extreme Rules because it was stale and boring when it first happened.

    I don’t care who wins, as long as the feud ends. I predict Cole and Swagger to win though, being as Swagger is the only one who can wrestle properly.

    Now I need to warn you as the next slide is for a match that was announced on SmackDown, set to air on Friday. While the match itself isn’t exactly a major spoiler and won’t ruin anyone’s day, I understand some of you may want to wait until the match is announced.

    So if you don’t wish to know who is in it, then this is the end of the article for you I’m afraid. If you do, though, carry on ahead.

Layla vs. Michelle McCool

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    In a match soon to be announced on television, the former partners will be facing off in a No Disqualification, No Countout “Loser Leaves Smackdown” match. I know, I know, it’s a long name.

    With LayCool having a lot of problems as of late, their break up has been obvious in coming. Now with this match, the break up will officially be complete and we can finally say goodbye to the most annoying team in recent history.

    Being the lesser member of the team, Layla has felt hard done by lately as she has lost a few matches and been accused by McCool of not pulling her weight. With a face turn on the horizon for Layla, will a victory over her former partner be a great way to instantly put her over with the fans?

    With McCool being the more talented of the two, is it an easy victory for her? We do have to consider that her good friends Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler are both on Raw and a loss would benefit her more than it would harm her. She could go to Raw to be with her buddies and be the diva of the show.

    Out of the two, I do prefer Layla and I will even predict that she wins, showing McCool she isn’t the dead-weight she said she was.

    That’s all for my Extreme Rules predictions.

    With no more matches seemingly announced, it appears both the US and IC titles are remaining on SmackDown for now. Could a unification happen or will one of the titles be defended at the last minute at the event?

    With only six matches so far, I predict another to be added to the card on the night itself and one of the titles to make its way to Raw.

    I hope you enjoyed my predictions and, whether you agree or not, I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for reading.