2011 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins' Plan for Day 2 Is To Go After QB Andy Dalton

Colin McGrawContributor IIApril 29, 2011

The Miami Dolphins walked away with a winning pick today, selecting center Mike Pouncey. The choice is popular among many fans, experts and obviously the organization. This guy is going to be a Day 1 starter and will help provide with our quarterback getting a few more seconds to check down and make a solid throw. 

This pick is going to be a major upgrade in the running game and passing. In the running game, this will open up running lanes for whoever is lining up behind our QB. Pouncey will also save some time for our quarterback to make much more solid throws, ultimately lessening our interception rates.

We got the star in Mike Pouncey, now it's time to move forward and think about what to do on Day 2 of the NFL draft.

Throughout the season, the organization has had its up and downs with Chad Henne and it's obvious there is no clear leader for this franchise YET. Henne could still be a great quarterback, but I think he needs some competition to get him going again, or even bring in a competitor that could diminish Henne from his role and becoming Miami's future.

Who's the guy to get? There are only a couple QBs left in this draft that I would feel comfortable taking. Those players would be Ryan Mallet, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick and Ricky Stanzi (who might be a reach). Maybe the Dolphins feel comfortable about going out in the free agency and bringing in a veteran such as Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer. 

I believe Miami's main target should be TCU's QB, Andy Dalton. The guy has been compared to Chad Pennington, one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history! Dalton is an overall winner! The only quarterback to win more games then he did in college was Colt McCoy.

Brian Daboll, Miami's new offensive coordinator, was given credit for turning McCoy into a franchise quarterback, as we saw toward the end of the year for the Cleveland Browns. Dalton is similar to McCoy in the respect of his leadership skills and the spark he brings to a team. I believe Brian Daboll could turn Dalton into something similar as Colt McCoy, if not even better.

The disadvantage of pulling of this operation for Miami is it would be a heavy cost. Not having a second-round pick hurts the team severely, but that doesn't mean they can't still trade up. The Dolphins have a third-round, fourth-round, fifth-round, sixth-round and three seventh-round picks to offer up for trading. They can even auction off some of next year's picks. 

So, the cost for Dalton could be heavy, but drafting him and bringing him in would bring a new energy and face to the franchise. It would keep Dolphins fans' hopes high for the new season with a new exciting face!

The team around Dalton is stellar. We have a great WR corps, a young team, a great defense to rely on, a running back issue that will get solved and now a great offensive line thanks to picking Mike Pouncey.

Also, don't forget that free agency is still under way and re-signing Ronnie Brown and bringing in another stellar running back such as DeAngelo Williams or Joseph Addai could take off a lot of the pressure from Dalton.

The time is now for the Dolphins to win. Do we take the chance with an exciting, but unproven rookie or do we stick it out with Henne? You decide Dolphins organization, but I think Dalton is your guy.