Cyborg Vs Carano: A Female Fighter's Perspective

Jen AnianoSenior Analyst IOctober 13, 2008

No I am not a pro-fighter. I have never been paid to step into the cage or the ring.  So I suppose I cannot say I have experienced the "real world" of fighting.  But I have worked really hard to be a good fighter.  And I am working even harder to get respect, sponsors and enough wins to get a shot at going pro.

I appreciate Gina Carano being pretty enough to get the fight fans to pay attention to some female fights, but I do not think she is a great fighter.  I believe she is a good fighter, but she is not the best, and she should not be the face of MMA.  However, uneducated female fight fans believe she is the end all which makes the rest of us look like we cannot match up in skill to male fighters.

Carano herself said she needed to get into the gym and take MMA more seriously after her fight with Kaitlin Young.  Well, that is just great.  Lets make a pretty girl who admits she needs to hit the gym the female face of MMA. 

Check out my other articles and you will find a few women who deserve to have the money, fights and TV time that Carano is privy to for no particular reason other than her face.

That being said Carano is going to have the fight of her life and the wake up call of the century when she steps into the cage with Cyborg.  Well, if she ever steps into the cage with Cyborg.  Yes, I know a pay-per-view date has been set. So before everyone posts a million comments I already got the message.

I am not taking Carano's record and victories away from her.  Good for her and her abilities. But we would all be lying to ourselves if we did not admit that Carano is a protected fighter.  Her face sells so lets not get someone into the cage with her who can actually punch and kick it.

The last fight with Kobold was good but it will be nothing compared to what Cyborg is going to throw.  Look at Kobold's posture and performance in the last fight.  She throws punches with her head down and eyes closed, a big no, no against anyone, especially an experienced Muay Thai fighter.  Kobold also, out of desperation, took sloppy shots making her face vulnerable to knees and upper cuts and her throat vulnerable to chokes.

Kobold deserves respect for being good enough to be given the chance to get onto the fight card but there were mistakes made that just should not have been made.  Those mistakes probably cost her the decision.

Cyborg has excellent conditioning, cardio, muscle mass, and stand-up.  This will be the best stand-up game Carano has faced.  Carano has really good form when she stands up.  Her punches are clean and kicks are solid and usually dead on. She has not been challenged in the stand-up game yet.

Cyborg is the only fighter Carano will have faced who can match her punching strength and accuracy.  Cyborg can also take a hit and recover unlike any fighter Carano has already faced.

And the last thing I have to say is lay off on Cyborg's looks.  Hello, women fighters are not going to be the best looking chicks in the world.  Same way male fighters are not hot dudes.  We get hit all day long in the face.

We are not immune from cauliflower ear and broken crooked noses.  We all work out and most of us have six packs and big muscles.  Deal with it.  Just because we are cut and lean does not mean we take HGH or roids and does not mean we are big lesbian men.

[I am also waiting patiently for the Carano-Bazler match-up and the Carano-Buckner match-up. And as a shout out in agreement with a few comments I would not mind watching Sexton in the cage with Carano for a much needed and overdue rematch.]