Jet-Gate Two: Bama on the Rise, Auburn Refueling the Jet

Zach LoveladyCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

My, my, my...Wow, how the tables have turned.

For six years, the 'Bama Nation has had to listen to Aubie after Aubie preach to them about how their Cow College has taught them to count to six. That is wonderful; I hope that they have enjoyed their reign, beating a subpar, probation-laden Alabama team.

It is evident that those days are coming to a close at an extremely rapid rate. Whether or not the experts predicted this is irrelevant; it is obvious that Nick Saban has the 'Bama program ahead of schedule.

It is also obvious that this is the direct cause of Auburn's woes.

Tommy Tuberville saw this coming early in Saban's tenure at 'Bama. Saban is a tenacious coach and a relentless recruiter. While Tuberville was off in Arkansas duck hunting and trying to get himself a raise by flirting with the Razorbacks, Saban was heating up the roads on the recruiting trail. 

It is no secret Auburn has owned 'Bama in recent years, plucking players left and right from the state. But now Auburn has retaken its rightful seat: second fiddle behind its big brother from Tuscaloosa.

Tuberville, knowing he was losing his pants in getting the players he needed to fit his offense, made a move to completely change his offense. He picked an offense that is primarily utilized in high school programs to highlight the strengths of a team while masking the weaknesses.

The reason is obvious: Tuberville knew his days of dominating the blue-chippers were over. He was staking his hopes on that fact that maybe he could still recruit three or four elite players a year, and hide all the average players inside a gimmicky offense.

Even if this plan had worked, all it would have meant is that Auburn would be right back where it has always really been: "AVERAGE."

As it stands, things are swirling out of control. Last week, Tuberville fired Tony Franklin, the man he brought in to build the system, halfway through Franklin's first season. The firing came just one day after Tuberville publicly professed his support for Franklin.

It didn't help. Auburn still lost to an atrocious Arkansas team.

Meanwhile, Bobby Lowder is getting that Colonial Bank Jet fueled up again. The only question left is, "What is the destination?" Lane Kiffin, Will Muschamp, Butch Davis?