Top Pitcher "Phil-Ins" for the New York Yankees

Nick Santa MariaContributor IMay 1, 2011

Top Pitcher "Phil-Ins" for the New York Yankees

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    It is very troubling to hear that Phil Hughes may have thoracic outlet syndrome, which will likely end his season. 

    Many have bounced back from this career-changing injury (Kenny Rogers and Matt Harrison), and some have not (Jeremy Bonderman). 

    Let's hope Hughes' injury is not too serious, and he comes back to full form soon.

    For now, here's some potential pitchers the Yankees should use to "phil" in for Hughes.

Edwin Jackson

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    I may not be the biggest Edwin Jackson fan, but he would be a solid acquisition for the Yankees at the deadline. 

    Jackson is usually lights out—or bad. He strikes out a ton of batters, but usually gives up four to five runs per start.

    If he was in New York, he could probably still give up four or five and come away cleanly with the victory. At the right price, Jackson could be a very big candidate to acquire.

    Behind CC, he leads the free agent pitching class after the 2011 season.

    Which team is next for Edwin Jackson?

Manny Banuelos

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    Manny Banuelos is the future ace of the New York Yankees.

    At only 20 years old, he plays for the Trenton Thunder and could be getting called up to Triple-A. Now this should be a last resort for the New York Yankees. You shouldn't rush a 20-year-old pitcher into the big leagues. They should really take the Felix Hernadez approach.

    However, if Banuelos continues to play like he plays in the minors, a call-up in August wouldn't be such a a bad idea. 

    He may only stand at 5'11" and weigh 150 pounds, but his fastball is scary good.

    Let's hope Banuelos can keep his good work up and become the next great ace in baseball. 

Wandy Rodriguez

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    Since 2010, it has been rumored that the Yankees have had a strong interest in Wandy Rodriguez. I don't blame them.

    Like Jackson, Rodriguez can be extremely good or "bad." In New York, he can also give up four or five, and still come away with a victory. He would be taking a huge leap into a tough division, but I still think he would be an okay aquisition. The only thing stopping this deal is his contract with the Astros.

    This past offseason he signed a three-year, $34 million dollar contract extension. I doubt the Astros would get rid of him this quickly since he is one of the best pitchers on the staff. 

    It will be interesting to see if he lands in New York. I doubt it though.

Andrew Brackman

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    I wrote how Brackman could be an option in a previous article. 

    Standing at 6'10", he is an intimidating opponent on the mound. According to many, he is ready for the major leagues. 

    I'd prefer him in the bullpen to start him out, which would probably be the most logical choice. He does indeed have the potential to start this year.

    He may not start, but he would definitely be a plus to the bullpen for the Yankees. 

Brett Myers

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    Wandy Rodriguez's teammate should also be on the Yankees' radar.

    Brett Myers was very good in 2010. I realize it is a new season, but this factor should come into play. He logged over 200 innings and an ERA of about three. He ranked in the top 10 in the Cy Young Award race. This is the type of pitcher the Yankees should have at No. 2 or 3.

    Instead of asking about Oswalt, the Yankees should have asked about Myers last season at the trade deadline. Could he be on the move in 2011?

    I'd love it. He has to shave that beard if he wants to play in the Bronx, though.

Jonathan Sanchez

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    This deal would make a lot of sense for the Yankees and maybe also the Giants.

    The Yankees would love to have another nice lefty pitcher in the rotation. The Giants have been desperately looking for a right-handed bat. Could it be Montero?

    Many may strongly oppose this deal and rightfully so. The Giants would be losing a key starter to their staff, and the Yankees would be losing their top prospect and more. 

    I'd like to hear what others think about this deal. Post a fair deal for Sanchez in the comments.

    This would be much easier if it was fantasy baseball.

Chad Billingsley

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    Another deal that could potentially make sense for both teams.

    Similar to the Sanchez deal, it would cost Montero and maybe some smaller name pitching prospects. The Dodgers would definitely like to add a young catcher like Montero over Barajas, but they need all the pitching they have.

    He's the most reliable pitcher behind Kershaw and one of the better pitchers in the NL West.

    This would most likely never get done, but it would be interesting to at least consider.

Bartolo Colon

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    Ride the wave my friends.

    Bartolo Colon has been excellent so far. If Colon and Garcia can keep up the strong starts for most of the season, Brian Cashman will look like a genius.

    He's 38 years old and is miraculously pitching fantastically. The only concern here is if Colon can pitch 30 starts. No one knows if he'll break down at all.

    Right now, the Yankees will keep him in the rotation, and I don't blame them at all. 


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    No one knows who truly will break down this season in the Yankee rotation. Will it be Colon or Garcia? Will it be Nova?

    Or will nobody break down? 

    I wanted to introduce potential pitchers for the Yankees to acquire at the deadline, while also throwing in some interesting options. 

    I hope everyone enjoyed reading, and best of luck to all of your favorite teams in the upcoming week.