ESPN's Bias Has Reached a Ridiculous Point

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2008

As Mike Greenberg signed off of SportsCenter yesterday, he declared Tony Romo's busted pinkie "the biggest story in all of sports."

The biggest story? Really Mike?

ESPN made it seem like Romo is out for three years, not three or four weeks.

It was the same type deal when Tom Brady's knee got blown up. ESPN made it seem like the world had ended and everybody was supposed to be glued to their televisions because Brady got hurt.

Now, it's not breaking news that ESPN has a bias towards the big-time teams. Case in point, last night's Monday Night Football pregame show was dedicated to Romo's pinkie when you had the Super Bowl Champs playing the Cleveland Browns.

If it was up to them, the NFL would consist of just a few teams: Patriots, Jets, and the NFC East. This isn't a shock considering where they are located, but come on people, cool it with the the freakin' bias.

It's the same with baseball: Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, and Cubs.

With ESPN, and more notably ESPN Radio, you have only a certain amount of things to talk about. I tuned in to ESPN about three times yesterday, every stinkin' time it was about Romo and the Cowboys.

I then turned on ESPN Radio and Jason Smith, who does the late night show, was still talking about Romo going to Cabo with Jessica Simpson. I mean on, drop it already with the Cabo talk!

It's not just limited to the NFL, though. Remember when the New York Yankees were falling out of the playoff race? They were one game from being eliminated and ESPN was covering them like they had the best record in the league.

Does that make much sense? Not to me.

When the Tampa Bay Rays were still in first place in August, the Baseball Tonight crew was still saying they would fall out of the race and the Yankees would get in.

I understand that not everybody wants to hear about the teams that are at the bottom of each division. Although, can you imagine what the coverage would be like if the Cowboys or Patriots lost most of their remaining games?

And right as I am writing this, Adam Jones has just been suspended. Be ready to be drowned in even more coverage about the Cowboys.

Ed Werder will be stationed outside Cowboys headquarters for months. He might as well pitch a tent because we all know he is going to be there for weeks to come.