WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Memorable Moments

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Memorable Moments

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    Extreme Rules was billed a night when "extreme" would rule WWE. On the match cards were superstars and stipulations that promised exciting outcomes and memorable moments.

    Did the pay-per-view deliver on its promise? This slideshow provides some of the most interesting parts of each match, as well as a short analysis of the matches and the possibilities for the future.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Last Man Standing Match, Top-Rope RKO and Kendo Sticks

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    For the past few weeks, the rivalry between these two men has been steadily increasing. Starting in 2008 when Randy Orton kicked CM Punk in the head, the rivalry was reborn on Monday Night RAW with Punk wanting revenge on the Viper with the help of the new Nexus.

    Both superstars are equally harsh, remorseless and demented and there was only one way to separate them from each other, and that was a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules.

    The physicality shown by these two men was simply amazing. The match saw kendo sticks, chairs and different parts of the arena being used as weapons, as both men tried to incapacitate each other. Both men survived the finishing moves of the opponent during the course of the match.

    One of the most memorable points was the shot by Orton with a kendo stick as Punk came off the top rope (I would suggest that Randy take up baseball or cricket). Punk did not disappoint, as he draped a chair around Orton’s neck before sending him flying into the ring post.

    At the end, Orton went crazy with the kendo stick, taking multiple shots on Punk’s back before hitting the RKO off the top rope. Orton remained off his feet stalking his prey until a count of nine, making it up in time to beat the count and emerge victorious. Photos of the backs of each man posted on twitter after the match told the story.

    Punk is a great athlete and Orton is one of the top superstars in the company. Some people have criticized Orton saying that he is just another John Cena—unbeatable. But together, Punk and Orton put on a great match, setting the bar for the rest of the night.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus for the US Championship in a Tables Match, Spider Man

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    When this bout was announced I thought to myself, “Here is the excuse to get the United States championship back on RAW” and for that, I was a little harsh in my evaluation of the match. Of course, the "birth certificate" joke before the match loosened me up a bit and I was quite pleased by the end.

    Here we had agility versus pure power incarnated in Kingston and Sheamus. One memorable moment for me is when Kingston avoided going through a table set up against the ring apron by using his arms and legs to hover over it off the ropes in a spider-like manner, with the table in the middle.

    Another is when Sheamus hit a flying shoulder from the edge of the ring over the top rope as Kingston was hurrying into him.

    The close of the match saw Kingston leaving the PPV as the United States champion after a leg drop on Sheamus who was sprawled on a table. Sheamus won’t be happy with this and I am excited to see what his reaction on SmackDown will be.

    All in all, it was a good match.

R-Truth Interview: Spelling Issues

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    So far, one promo has made it on the most memorable list and I would like to add R-Truth’s inability to spell conspiracy.

    C-O-N...spiracy. It was funny, and that’s the truth.

Jack Swagger/Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler: Country Whipping Match

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    While I am not a huge fan of having commentators wrestle and do not like the idea of it being a part of a PPV, I must admit that I did enjoy seeing JR whoop Michael Cole’s...well...his rear end.

    Cole's choice of clothing was also hilarious, as he decided to cover himself in bubble wrap to ease the pain of the straps. However, my pick for most memorable was the low blow by JR on Swagger—priceless.

    Michael Cole eventually got the pin on JR, which means that we are going to have to hear him brag about it all week. That, I can do without.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes Falls Count Anywhere: Eww Nasty

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    These men went to all parts of the arena punishing each other. With Mysterio you always expect excitement; with Rhodes you always expect something demented.

    It was definitely one of the better matches of the night

    Coming off a ledge, Rhodes flashed a kick to Mysterio’s head, forcing the Mexican warrior to smack into the concrete flooring. He also slammed Rey’s head into the steel steps. Mysterio did his tricks off the top rope on a few occasions; the one that stood out was something that looked like a head butt.

    Now, these are things that we have grown accustomed to seeing, however, the most surprising part of the match was when Rey blew some kind of greenish-bluish mist from his mouth onto Rhodes’ face. While it was gross, it allowed him to get the 619 and cover on Rhodes, who once again got his face manhandled.

    That is one thing that is sure to hang onto my brain cells for a while (would really love to know what that was by the way; anyone with info, please share).

Michelle McCool vs. Layla Loser Leaves WWE: Kharma Debut

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    We all know the old saying, "Karma is a bitch," and Michelle McCool certainly learned that statement's true meaning the hard way.

    After losing the match to her former best friend, the arena was filled with maniacal laughter and psychopathic music. Appearing at the top of the ramp was WWE’s newest Diva, Kharma. She slowly made her way down to the ring, never talking her eyes off the distraught McCool.

    As she made quick work of the Diva, she showed a demented side with quick mood changes. At one time she would be laughing and in an instant, she would change her facial features to a more serious one.

    Has WWE found a new apex predator?

    This was by far the most interesting moment of the night. I am excited with this new acquisition and I hope that it will breathe life into a struggling Divas division and would love to see Cole try to disrespect her during one of her matches.

Christian vs. Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge Interferes

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    In the most brutal match of the night, Alberto Del Rio tried to seal his destiny against a veteran of the ladder match.

    The men tasted the steel of the ladder and stairs early in the match. At one point, Christian was pushed off the top rope only to land on the steps of a ladder, off which he cross-bodied Del Rio. At this point, you could see the welts, cuts and bruises begin to take form on Christian’s sides and back.

    Del Rio got back dropped onto a ladder after which he was able to jump to the top rope and spring forward to kick Christian off the ropes and onto a ladder. He also locked in the cross armbreaker with Christian’s arm through a ladder.

    But through all this, the most memorable moment was when Del Rio’s hand was on the belt and he was distracted by Edge honking a horn, giving Christian the time he needed to push Del Rio off the ladder and onto Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez who where lurking outside the ring. This got my vote for the best match of the night.

The Corre vs. Big Show/Kane for the Tag Team Title in a Lumberjack Match: Big Zeke

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    Ezekiel Jackson is a huge, monster of a man. He is the powerhouse of the Corre and not a man to be taken lightly. Together with Wade Barrett, he had the task of facing two other giants, Kane and the Big Show, in a lumberjack match.

    While the match was not as brutal or fast-paced as some of the others for the night, I am sure many were intrigued when Jackson lifted all 441 pounds of the Big Show and slammed him into the man. I am not sure the aftershocks are over yet and I am 100 percent sure we are going to see more of the big men in the business taking on each other again. 

John Cena vs. John Morrison vs. the Miz for the WWE Title: Steel Cage Match

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    With the introduction of John Morrison into this match, we were guaranteed some high-flying parkour moments. There were a lot of close calls, as all three men battled at the top of the cage on numerous occasions during the match. They hung on and dangled all over the cage.

    Morrison attempted the Starship Pain from the top of the steel cage, which was perhaps the most memorable aspect of the event.

    There was also Cena's Attitude Adjustment on The Miz from the top rope. It was not as visually appealing as Morrison's moves but it sure was effective, as it allowed him to hold the WWE championship belt for the first time in almost a year.

    Out of this, expect to see Morrison go after R-Truth for ruining his attempt to get out from the cage and The Miz and Cena to continue a rivalry. 


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    Over all, the PPV was enjoyable with a good mix of comedy, tragedy, suspense and even resolution. The best match by far belongs to Christian and Alberto Del Rio with Orton vs. Punk and Mysterio vs. Rhodes high on the entertainment scale as well.

    With the draft also playing an important part in this whole story, expect new rivalries as some superstars change brands and the continuation of the old conflicts which have not yet run their full course.