NFL Power Rankings: Week Six

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2008

So, Week Six of the NFL season is behind us, and what a week it was, six of the 11 teams from last week's top 10 lost, leaving this week's rankings a mess. We saw one shining star in Dallas go down to injury for up to a month, Super Bowl Champs getting pushed around against a team that hasn't performed yet this season until this past week, and another so called NFL elite team losing to one of the NFL's worst.


1. Tennessee Titans (2) 5-0

With the loss of the Giants, and the fact that the Titans had a bye week, they move into the No. 1 position by default. Don't be fooled, however, as they are now the only undefeated team in the NFL. How long will that be able to last? Will the offense be able to kick it into gear now that they have had extra time to prepare?


2. New York Giants (1) 4-1

So they looked awful vs. Cleveland, and Eli showed glimpses of how he looked last season before Week 17. It's just a speed bump in the road for the Giants; they should be able to rebound this week against San Fran.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers (4) 4-1

This team is looking awfully good, and that's with Big Ben still a little banged up. AFC beware, yes, that even means you Tennessee. Pittsburgh is for real yet again.


4. Buffalo Bills (9) 4-1

Another team taking advantage of all the losses within the top 10 this week, Buffalo moves up five spots based on default, but will this team be able to keep up the pace if QB Trent Edwards is still banged up? J.P. Losman better take advantage of those first-team snaps he is getting in practice.


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NR) 4-2

The way that this team dismantled Carolina this past week brought back old memories of the days when Warren Sapp and a much younger Derrick Brooks were punishing offenses. Tampa is on the rise, whether or not they have 300 quarterbacks on their team.


6. Arizona Cardinals (10) 4-2

This team has a lot of heart; a lot of other teams would've folded up in OT after giving up a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter and especially against a team like Dallas. How good is Larry Fitzgerald? Is Kurt Warner the NFC MVP right now? Steve Breaston is looking like the best-kept secret in the NFL the past couple of weeks. Now that teams know who he is, can he continue to produce while Boldin is on the mend?


7. Indianapolis Colts (NR) 3-2

Don't look now, but this team is beginning to click, and that's without RB Addai having stellar games. How nice was it to see Peyton connect with Marvin on that long TD pass this past week? If Peyton and Marvin start connecting like that again, that just makes Reggie Wayne that much more scary the rest of the way.


8. Atlanta Falcons (NR) 4-2

Dare I say, are the Falcons poised for a playoff run? Most likely no, but how poised did Matt Ryan look on that throw to Michael Jenkins with only six seconds left on the clock? This team is young and are a tough group.

Also, after last season's jokes, this team doesn't want to be known as a laughing stock of the NFL anymore—save that for Detroit and Cincinnati.


9. Washington Redskins (3) 4-2

So the Redskins hit a pretty bad pothole in the road getting upset at home by the Rams, given the Rams really aren't that bad due to the players they have on offense, but come on. Maybe it was a little too fast to put Washington amongst the NFL elite, the season's still young, and now with Romo out in Dallas, this is the time for Washington to maybe get some space from themselves and Dallas for second in the NFC East.


10. Dallas Cowboys (5) 4-2

Dallas made waves today by trading for WR Roy Williams from the Lions, that TO-RW WR duo is awfully scary, but is it really going to look that scary for the next four weeks with Brad Johnson at the helm?

The loss of Tony Romo for the next four weeks will be a true indicator of what kind of a team this Dallas squad is; they can either curl up and wait for Romo, or they can go out and prove that they are not overrated.

It could get a little tougher now that Adam "Pacman" Jones has been suspended indefinitely by the league yet again. Will he ever learn if given yet another chance?


Dropped Out of Top 10 This Week

Carolina Panthers (6) 4-2

Denver Broncos (7) 4-2

New England Patriots (8) 3-2

Chicago Bears (10) 3-3