WWE Breaking News: Unbelievable Spoiler Regarding This Friday's SmackDown

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMay 3, 2011

***Spoiler Alert for May 6th SmackDown****


Prowrestling.net is reporting that at the SmackDown tapings tonight for this Friday, Randy Orton defeated Christian to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

SmackDown started off with Christian in the ring, and Mark Henry and the Great Khali saying they wanted to challenge for the WHC.

Randy Orton then interrupted and said he wanted to throw his name into the the mix.

Teddy Long then came out and let the crowd decide based on ovation who would win face Christian, which obviously led to Orton winning the vote.

Orton then went on to defeat Christian and win the title.

My take: We all wondered who would be the main heel on SmackDown, but none of us really speculated that it could be Orton.

It would seem by crushing a feel good moment for Christian with Edge, Orton could be on the verge of going back to being a heel.

It is definitely interesting to see that they took the title off of Christian so quickly, and I guess it goes to show that Vince McMahon really doesn't have confidence in Christian to be "The guy."

This way, McMahon pleased the fans with the "feel good moment" at Extreme Rules by letting Christian win, but now puts the title on the second biggest superstar in WWE behind John Cena.

It's amazing that we all complain about Cena and Orton constantly being at the top, and now they both hold the top title on each brand.

This also furthers my point that I made yesterday that SmackDown will benefit much more at Over the Limit because Raw wasted a week of storyline progression on the Rock's birthday.

Needless to say, tune in to SmackDown this Friday.

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