Cleveland Browns: Is Kevin Kolb Cleveland-Bound?

Joshua Gleason@JGleasContributor IIIMay 4, 2011

Kolb is just looking forward to the chance to start again.
Kolb is just looking forward to the chance to start again.Doug Benc/Getty Images

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Just because there is no true offseason in the NFL right now and transactions are frozen doesn't mean we can't speculate and hear tons of juicy rumors!

The latest rumor involves arguably the most talked about quarterback in the league right now, Kevin Kolb. Everybody knows the Philadelphia Eagles (Kolb's current team) plan to move the young signal caller once the lockout is lifted. The heavy speculation has been on which team Kolb would end up with.

Arizona? Seattle? Miami? All need quarterbacks, but do they all have the necessary ammunition needed to swing a deal for Kolb?

One team certainly does, and that is the Cleveland Browns.

It can be debated whether or not Colt McCoy is a Franchise Quarterback. Is he really the man to turn Cleveland into a winner? With McCoy under center last season, the Browns were 2-6 and though it included upset victories over New England and New Orleans, they also finished 0-4 against AFC North teams in which threw for only four touchdowns compared to eight interceptions.

Kevin Kolb managed to put forth a fairly similar 2-4 record in the six games he started, though the first game of the year was against the eventual Super Bowl Champion Packers, Kolb got knocked out, and in the final game against Dallas, Philly rolled out the B Team to play alongside Kolb. From Weeks 4 through 7, Kolb was fairly impressive against some pretty solid teams, and posted a solid six to four touchdown to interception ratio.

However, now isn't really the time or place to breakdown who is the better quarterback (though for the record, I do believe Kolb is a much better Quarterback). Right now, we should be breaking down why Kevin Kolb in a Cleveland Browns jersey makes sense.

First of all, the Cleveland Browns managed to move down in the 2011 NFL Draft with the Atlanta Falcons, which allowed them to acquire an extra second-round pick and fourth-round pick, which led to the selections of wide receiver Greg Little from North Carolina and fullback Owen Marecic from Stanford. Cleveland also managed to acquire Atlanta's first round and fourth round selections in the 2012 NFL Draft.

This is a big deal, because the Philadelphia Eagles are widely known to be coveting a first-round pick for Kevin Kolb. Now that the Browns have acquired an extra first-round pick next year, they would seem to be in a better position to acquire Kolb and more willing to make a move. Not only could they acquire a potential Franchise Quarterback, but they would then still have a first-round selection in the next Draft. All of that does add up quite nicely for both the Browns and Eagles.

If that wasn't enough, there are other reasons this trade makes sense. Current GM of the Cleveland Browns, Tom Heckert Jr., was previously the Director of Player Personal for the Philadelphia Eagles and still has strong ties to the organization. Though it was a fairly insignificant trade for the most part, it should still be pointed out the Browns and Eagles made a trade last year, swapping running backs Mike Bell and Jerome Harrison.

Though both were generally disappointing last year while playing for their original teams, it was and—still is—quite clear that Harrison is a better player, and he proved that with a 109-yard performance against Washington and 99-yard day against the Cowboys. Bell, however, never even reached 30 rushing yards in a game and didn't enter the end zone once. Maybe this trade is truly too insignificant to look anything into, but it is still quite obvious the Browns organization (let's not forget about President Mike Holmgren, who knows Andy Reid very well) still has strong ties to the Eagles.

Finally, Kevin Kolb is an excellent fit for this offense. Kolb has learned the west coast offense in Philadelphia and has been dubbed as an ideal fit for the system. Kolb possesses the lightning-quick release, above average arm, athletic ability and the intelligence needed to play in the WCO. And don't take just my word for it. The War Room Report said, "[Kolb] would be an ideal west coast quarterback once he learned the system." After working with Sam Bradford last year, I'm sure the Browns new Head Coach Pat Shurmur would love to get his hands on another young talent like Kolb who fits his offense so well.

Now, the only thing to really do is wait and see. Once the lockout is over, you can be assured that the Eagles will be moving Kevin Kolb very soon.

Is it the Browns chance to get their piece of "Corn on the Kolb?"