Ten Things I hate about MMA

Jason CottierAnalyst IOctober 15, 2008

I love MMA, it is by far my favorite sport, but there are some things that drive me insane.

10) Lay and Pray.  I can't stand to see a wrestler that has no idea how to finish their opponent.  And several L-n-P artists keep making into the top of the rankings.  I mean if Tito Ortiz could finish fights with ground and pound, why can't any other wrestlers seem to get it through their heads.  You are not trying to pin the opponent to the mat to win anymore are you?

9) Brazillian Jiu Jitsu fighters that refuse to stand up even after their opponents do.  I have seen too many fighters get in a comfortable position with their hands behind their head and kick at their opponents legs, while the opponent is either left to avoid the kicks in hopes of landing a big shot, or just simply step back and make the referee step in and make him get up.  The worst of this was Rousimar Palhares throwing his legs back behind his head while Henderson was standing above him.  I don't know if he knew he was there to fight, or he thought he auditioning for a porn movie.

8) The accidental eye poke.  In the UFC if you get poked in the eye and you can't continue, you lose.  Randy Couture lost his title that way, and Anthony Johnson recently lost due to an eye poke.  I would rather see the fight end as a no contest than to see a guy lose, because his opponent accidentally poked him in the eye.

7) Fighters that get credit for other accomplishments.  Brian Stann, an American Hero.  Yes Brian is an American Hero, but for some to say he is one of the top fighters in the world is ridiculous.  They always seem to back it up with marine corp officer Brian Stann...I have been in the military before, but that doesn't make me a top fighter.  If Stann were a top fighter he wouldn't be in the WEC as a light heavyweight, he would be fighting other top competition in the UFC.  Brock Lesnar is another, he is an accomplished NCAA wrestler and he has an incredible background.  Rulon Gardner was an Olympic gold medalist, but his career didn't pan out for him now did it?  As for Brock's impressive win against Heath Herring...see #10. 

6) Out dated fighters still counting as big wins.  Royce Gracie not competing for years, and getting a title shot against Matt Hughes.  Then when Matt Hughes destroys Gracie he is bragged up for it.  Ken Shamrock being considered a dangerous veteran...I guess if you are afraid of cutting your fist on his glass chin that has developed he is a true threat.  Chuck Liddell is very quickly getting there, all fighters have had to do is not chase Chuck, and eventually he will leave himself open.

5) Commentators that seem to be clueless.  Goldie's constant stupid remarks.  Rogan's reading more into every situation, with remarks like I see blood, oh yeah he is bleeding badly...leaves you looking for this big gaping wound that usually turns out to be a scratch, or nothing at all.  The EliteXC commentators I don't even know what their names are, but they ramble on and on about fighters that aren't even in the EliteXC or if they are, will not be competing on the cards.  Not to mention the fact that they have to point out that Joey Villasenor has a proud Mexican family...Really a guy with the last name Villasenor, wearing boxing trunks resembling a Mexican flag, has a Mexican family.

4) The Politics.  There is so much going on behind the scenes in all MMA organizations.  With Dana White's underhandedness, and Gary Shaw allegedly fixing fight, and with the WWE like confrontations that take place in EliteXC.  Also Pride's alleged involvement in the mafia.  There is too much under the table, that you can never really know what is what with the organizations.

3) The alcoholic rampages on TUF.  Every year they have to have an alcoholic episode on The Ultimate Fighter.  Chris Leben was a definite ratings grabber on season 1.  Leben did some stupid things, but they have to build on it every year.  It's almost as if a fighter knows he is an alcoholic, and has to snow ball on the image that fighters are neanderthals.  Junie even stated he was excited to get in the house, because of the free alcohol...I saw that jackass coming a mile away.

2) Fake huge announcements.  This one pertains mostly to the UFC.  Dana's huge announcement that ended up being Budweiser was now the official beer of the UFC.  Huge announcements that turned out to be that the UFC would be on Spike instead of PPV, when it is already listed on the UFC's homepage that it is on Spike.  Dana'a announcement years ago that UFC fighters would go to Pride, and Pride fighters would come to the UFC, only to have UFC fighters fight in Pride, and not the other way around.  I personally think that one was to get American fans to familiarize themselves with Pride fighters so when the takeover occurred he could have more main events.

1) Paper champions.  KJ Noons was built up by the EliteXC as a great champion.  He beats Nick Diaz due to a cut.  Noons then began dodging a rematch, and tried to take a lesser fighter at the same price.  Then makes the excuse that it was because of his "boxing career" not being handled correctly.  Big Nog being awarded a championship belt while Randy Couture sits back with the belt during a contract dispute...which in turn leaves Big Nog with a paper weight when Couture comes back.  The idea of an interim champion is stupid if the guy is the champion and didn't beat the other champion...strip the other and make him the true champion.  If the champion can not defend his title for any reason within a certain time he should lose that title.