Alabama Football 2008: What a Process

Zach LoveladyCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

About three months ago, I wrote an article titled "Alabama Football 2008: Better Team, Worse Record." I wanted to follow up with a midseason progress report.

When I look at that article now, I must be honest: I think myself and everyone else who looked at this team in no way, form, or fashion saw this coming. Having said that, I still want to withhold my vote on how good I believe this team is until I see how this season ends.

We all have heard Coach Nick Saban talk about things like "The Process," intensity, playing physical, and most importantly, finishing, which has been the weakness of this team in recent years. This team has obviously come a long way, but the thing Bama fans must remember is just how far down this program had plummeted.

When John Parker Wilson and crew string together some wins, everyone gets excited, as they should. Now I don't mean to be a glass half empty guy, but let's keep everything in perspective.

Fans are already clamoring about National Championships, but I would suggest we need to crawl before we walk. This team could easily be one or two key injuries away from losing three or four games before the season is over.

This team has already shown us that there are good things to come, so take a closer look at where this team really is and where fans want it to be.

I think if you asked Nick Saban what is his primary goal from week to week other than winning, it would be to get better. Now I know Bama is 6-0, but if you have watched every game, you would have seen that has not been the case this year. There are still a lot of inconsistencies from week to week, with the exception of the O-line and the defense.

I would make the argument that those two are the key reasons that Alabama remains undefeated.

The biggest highlight I have seen thus far has been the D-line. When I think of Alabama Football, the first thing that comes to mind is a big strong defensive front, and Saban has begun to restore that cornerstone.

Coach Saban has begun to bring back prominence to this program with his "Process," and all evidence points to the fact that it is working.

Fans, take a deep breath. Just as the team does, take it a week at a time and wait until mid-December to talk about how good this team is.