WWE: Why Former Champion The Miz Will Be a WWE Star for a Long Time

Randy ReedContributor IIMay 9, 2011

The Miz
The Miz

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that the WWE informed several top business partners that Mike Mizanin, better known to wrestling fans as The Miz, will be one of their top superstars in the company for years to come.

The company is reportedly very satisfied with his first title run, which ended last Monday.

Personality and style are what all stars must have, and Mizanin has both of these attributes.

He successfully developed his “Miz” persona on MTV’s Real World, indicative by the number of reality show appearances he has made in his career, including all of the MTV Real World and Road Rules challenges.

His over the top persona matches well with his clean cut, yet flamboyant look, and combines to create a character that, more times than not, commands the credibility needed to match its enormous-sized ego.

There is no foreseeable scenario in which I can see Mizanin not being a top superstar in the company.

Through the years, he has shown an ability to successfully market his brand of personality and I expect this will continue—it has to.

Pop culture relevancy is what the WWE is interested in these days and in the interest of expanding to a more diverse audience, the company has focused on building the brands of each individual star.

Gone are the days of the good guy and bad guy—the WWE has instead opted for a shade of gray, characters who are emotionally easier to connect to.

In today’s world of reality television and unlimited access, a character that displays a compelling range of personality traits that more accurately reflects the human experience is more marketable than the narrow, good guy/bad guy personalities of the past.


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